Why Apple Don’t Let Other Countries Buy in USA iTunes?

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Date: April 22, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

This is going to be a rant for most non-US citizens worldwide, why don’t Apple open up their USA iTunes store to allow customers from other countries to BUY the Songs/Books/Apps/TV Shows LEGALLY.

If you check Singapore iTunes, it’s really pale in comparison to the iTunes stores in USA!

The iTunes in USA have tabs on MUSIC, Movies, App Store, Podcasts, Audiobooks & iTunes University whereas Singapore only have App Store & iTunes University!!

Why are they limiting the potential of their sales to only customers living in United States?

Imagines the potential of selling all the songs, videos & apps in a GLOBAL STORE instead of limiting their stores to only certain countries!

The reason why I am ranting is because, I am going to BUY an iPad 3G soon and with that I need to get all the cool stuff into it easily…and there are MANY WAYS of doing it.

  1. Go to my tips page to find out how to get an USA account to download only free contents from USA iTunes.
  2. Jump through hoops to get an prepaid USA Credit Card from overseas through questionable websites & register an USA iTunes account and pray it works.
  3. Pay some questionable websites a premium to buy a USA iTunes gift cards in the U.S. at a high price.
  4. Get to know some American friends to do the above.
  5. GET STEVE JOBS to OPEN UP THE iTunes stores and allow LEGAL contents to be easily purchasable overseas!

Which option will benefit APPLE, the developers, the content providers, the customers?

Do you know that many people don’t even bothered about buying anymore and goes directly to torrents or even paid rapid share accounts to get their Movie fix and it’s not because they are poor but because they are UNABLE TO ACCESS the legal contents via their local iTunes!

Is it because of the DRM or copyrights are different in other countries hence Apple may not be able to distribute the contents without seeking “rights” to sell contents produced in United States Globally?

Dear music industry, publishers, movie makers, singers, developers and content owners….I humbly ask you the following question.


If YES, lobby to APPLE to allow content providers to sell worldwide instead of just U.S.A or at least to countries with English as their first language like Singapore.

There are MANY PEOPLE in other countries are more than willing to PAY for conveniences!

Let there be PODCAST, Music, TV Shows, Applications & more for GLOBAL CUSTOMERS!

UPDATE: iTunes in Singapore now have a new feature! It’s the PODCAST! Woohooo! Podcast in iTunes Just went INTERNATIONAL!! YES! Ranting about it sure works! Now I do hope the Western Media can open up their minds on releasing their PAID Content of movies, televisions series & music to the rest of the world for us to PAY THEM to enjoy them LEGALLY! Kudos to Steve Jobs & his excellent team!

Update: Promo codes can now be redeemed through any App Store around the world. That means you can send promo codes to any country and allow them to download that app using any international iTunes account. This is a excellent idea as many apps gift givers are scratching their heads when buying apps to give people from another country to redeem, Kudos to Steve Jobs & his excellent team again!

Update:Apple launches iTunes Store in 12 New Asia Markets including Singapore! that means MOVIES & MUSIC is now AVAILABLE to Singapore iPhone/iPad users!

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  • Jenny She

    Hey, Simon, Good for for for stating your views! Thank you for sharing!
    It is only through the action of people like you that the world will become a much better place to live and enjoy!

  • simontay78

    Thanks! 😀 I will try my best to change how Apple works by presenting my views videos ^_^.

    If you notice, two of my jailbreak videos seems to give Apple ideas on Folders & multitasking 😀

  • Jenny She

    Thats awesome! Keep it up!

  • simontay78

    End up I bought the iPad None 3G version…haiz but never mind hehe

  • Charles

    do you know for a fact that its apples choice? for example are you certain it has nothing at all to do with the choice of the government in the other country who may fear webcasts, unrestricted tv and book content and music?

  • Deperado

    Podcast and university content is all crap. What we want is real music. Sadly, it's not available yet (Jul 2010). I bet the music industry here is boycotting digital music since it will decrease CD sales.. We shld petition GOV like MDA to help open up the industry …

  • simontay78

    It just takes a couple of years for the music industry to realized that CDs are obsoleted & need to be kicked off the industry, so does those big labels music companies, movie corporations, news publication companies…THEIR INDUSTRY IS OBSOLETED. LOL then people will do their own media contents by the users for the users with difference of quality no doubt but it will be all Artist benefit totally and no more middle man.

  • contentedarticles.com

    Great post simon. Apple has changed so much since their inception, they could be so much better if they just stuck to their original agenda.

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  • Anonymous

    They purchase iTunes cards for $100 in the US and sell them here in the UAE for around Dh450, or around $120. It’s a 20 per cent coupon, but don’t expect .

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  • This is going to be a rant for most non-US citizens worldwide, why don’t Apple open up their USA iTunes store to allow customers from other ..

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  • Steve

    who the f do you think are, scoff…

    • Anonymous

      Hi Steve from Singapore, welcome to my little hobby that I don’t get paid for doing. Thanks for dropping by.

      Nice ip address, maybe can buy toto tomorrow

  • Fiz

    I can relate with your point on gift cards being of a high price but I get mine from eastwestcards.com and it’s been okay so far, price is better than some of the other sketchy websites around lol.