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Date: September 30, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Enflick, Inc.

Ping! is a instant messaging client for the iPhone that looks and feels like the built in iPhone SMS client. It aims to provide free iPhone to iPhone (and iPod touch on wifi) messaging with push notifications!

Stop dealing with IM system that log you in and out. Forget about paying your carrier for text messaging.

Once you’ve download the (currently free) app and selected a username, you can invite/find friends and family you know own an iPhone or iPod touch, and you’re ready to go.

Note: Currently you cannot change your username after that so choose carefully!

Ping! is the simplest way to message your friends with an iPhone/iPod Touch. It uses a unique Ping! ID and sends messages for FREE! But wait, what about your friends who have an iPhone but live in another country? No problem, Ping! messages will reach ALL iPhones and iPod Touches AROUND THE WORLD (ANY country!), for FREE!


  • NO MONTHLY COST. Why pay for data and SMS bundles from your carrier?
  • NO ROAMING CHARGES. Some apps offer free SMS but are exclusive to the U.S. or support few other carriers. Ping! is always free, even when messaging overseas and works in ANY COUNTRY in the world.
  • FASTER DELIVERY. Messages are not limited by your carrier’s traffic. Notification are delivered in an instant.
  • WORKS WITH IPOD TOUCH. SMS only works with phones. Ping! works with iPhone, the iPod Touch, and other devices that Apple may offer in the future.
  • NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT. Why deal with the confusion of getting bumped off wen you log in on another device? Your messages arrive in one place. Ping! keeps you connected at all times.
  • NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS and deal with the tedious process of accepting invitations. All you need is your friend’s Ping! ID to start messaging IMMEDIATELY.
  • OFFLINE MESSAGES GUARANTEED. Some IM apps do not support offline messages or only support it with specific software (e.g. MSN). All Ping! messages are stored offline until received.


  • Unable to change usernames means once you had settled with a username there are no option to switch usernames or add another account, there can be only one.
  • Landscape mode got a small bug that removes the text input box but not a serious flaw which developer will fix it up in the next updates
  • No way to block spams from unknown spammers, this mean possibility of mass advertising companies acquiring millions of user ID and automatic spam people with advertisements daily (Seriously a possibility that must not be ignored so developer think of a fix if possible maybe a small Captcha before a conversation or something)

Wish List

  • Ability to ban or unban by checking the user ID “Edit” option
  • Bounced Ping! for messages that contains words set by users such as “<ADS>, You had Won!” and place them in the “Spam” group for user to ban them or remove them from the spam group.
  • Send images like MMS.
  • Send GPS Map location

Developed by Gary Fung

UPDATE! Now you can submit your Ping! User ID to a International Directory HERE

Category: Social Networking
Seller: Enflick, Inc.

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: September 30, 2009 Report)
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  • sooncm

    between iphone…how does the data travel?

  • I know how to make Ping! work for unlocked and jailbroken iPhones. The solution is on my blog –

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  • simontay78

    The data travel in bits 10101010 (8 bits or 1 byte per char) sent via the internet to a server (by the app developer) and send down to the target user ID via the internet again.

    For people who don't have a data plan try to get one or use Free WIFI in your area but it's more better for ppl with 3G connection who can connect everywhere so it will resembles a SMS.

    This is the future of texting a message to other ppl! I expect competitors coming up strong and hard with more features & better server quality…so developer don't rest! 😀 go go go!!

  • Irene Loh

    Great app. review! That's about all the functions ping! has for now.

  • simontay78

    Do take the necessary precaution in everything window against viruses,

  • simontay78

    UPDATE! Now you can submit your Ping! User ID to a International Directory HERE!

    and view the list at

  • pingtester

    i got some random msgs frm strangers initially, moment i pressed view or wat, it brings me to Ping! and i cant see the msgs there or reply…

  • simontay78

    that's very weird maybe you accidentally click on the “clear” button that will clear his/her message and won't be listed on the main contact list

  • kashigal

    this app is interesting too. Will install this apps when i get my iPHone…Thanks siomontay78

  • Stacey.

    im nt receiving my messages 🙁

  • simontay78

    Go to!/Ping!.html to contact the developer for assistant 😀

    For twitter follow
    For Facebook be a fan of

    The developer can help you 😀