How to access other countries AppStore Step-by-Step Instructions!

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Date: May 1, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay



Do you know that you can access other countries’ AppStore FREE apps, podcast and MORE?


If you are located outside USA and found out that certain applications that you wanted to try out for free or received promo codes from developers and can’t access it due to the fact it’s not available in your country? Fear not!


You can access other countries’ AppStore by following the step-by-steps instructions below!


Step 1


Go to your appstore in iTunes on your PC or Mac


Step 2


Scroll down to the bottom and select the desired country




Step 3


After that find any FREE application and click install




Step 4


You will be prompted to enter your Mac Account, don’t use your usual ones as yours are only allow you to access local AppStore. Instead click on the “Create New Account” button




Step 5


This step will be slightly tricky as you need a address of the country you had selected


Press “Continue” & “Agree terms and Continue again” and you will reach the form to fill for new iTunes Store Account (Apple ID) page.




For example purpose you wanted to access United States AppStore to get Free Apps such as Google Earth you need a USA address to register for that new account.


Choose a desired new account name and a valid email address


Google Search a United States hotel and note down their address and fill up the form to register the account.


Step 6


Don’t add any credit cards or any payment methods.




Step 7


Authorize Computer




Step 8


Enjoy downloading all the FREE stuff such as Podcast, Free App, and anything listed Free but not available in your country!


p.s. I haven’t check out the PAYPAL option yet so if you have tried the paypal option, do let me know if it works too.

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  • fatgirl

    There is no “none” payment option.

  • fatgirl

    There is no “none” payment option.

  • simontay78

    Anyone still having the same problem after itunes upgrade to iTunes 9?

  • Manz, u r the coolest yet 🙂

  • ThomasWilliams

    Try iPhone Apps Plus, see reviews and ranks worldwide.

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  • simontay78

    I found out why you don't see the “none” you never click on a free application to get prompted to register the account.

    You MUST click on the FREE APP to register, you cannot skip that step in order to see the “none” payment option.

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  • vin

    Tried paypal in Ireland. Didn’t seem to work but maybe it was because there’s no funds on my paypal account and the CC tied to it is Irish. So, inconclusive!

    • Anonymous

      I guess so…but it may be the nationality in the paypal causing the problem but I am not sure.

  • It is really nice blog all the things are clear and fine enough.
    Thanks for sharing this idea.

  • Nice break down!! I didn’t even know other countries have their own app stores etc.

  • jacymose

    Very useful steps can’t wait to try out and see whether it’s actually working or not…

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  • Thanks for the great step by step directions, was looking every where for these!!

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  • guest

    it wont work with paypal cause paypal are dicks and tell apple that your billing info is from outside US

  • from Portugal

    Don’t Work. You must have valid payment matching your address to create an apple ID

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