Amazing iPhone/iPodTouch Battery Solutions Review 1

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Date: January 2, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Do you always experience a short battery life for your iPhone or iPod Touch?

This video shows 2 options that you can buy to extend your battery life by using portable battery!!

This is two of my favorite iPhone or iPod Touch portable battery pack that can charge anytime you want to your heart’s content!

This freed me from the Cinderella effect to make me go home earlier just to charge up my iPhone even thou I want to go out longer to see movies or to shop a little more.

If you have the same feeling give this two nifty device a try!

Mobile Power Station

  1. Small in size (Height=5.5cm Width=1cm Length=6cm)
  2. Extend battery life to about 2 hours gaming time & 3 to 4 hours standby time
  3. Capacity Indicator to see how much “juice” is available
  4. Durable as it managed to survive a spin in the washing machine


  1. It’s pricey which cost about $30 to $50 depending on the brands
  2. Require to charge up before use hence if you forget to charge it’s no not much use
  3. Pretty loose when use with external iPhone / iPod touch casing hence loose charge easily

Emergency USB Battery Charger using ‘AA’ batteries

  1. Small & Portable (Height=8.2cm Width=3.5cm Thickness=2cm)
  2. Uses ‘AA’ Battery hence no charging required if using off the shelf batteries
  3. Easy to connect using the USB charging cables
  4. Double as a emergency LED torch
  5. Clear red LED to signify charging status
  6. Very Affordable about $14 to $15 but depending on locations
  7. Multipurpose USB female port hence you can charge ANY device that have USB cable connection (other phones etc.)
  8. Able to use rechargeable batteries to save on battery cost but need to charge before using


  1. The switch sometimes can be easily turn on accidentally by external means such as the inside of your bag or pocket causing it to waste electricity before it’s used (to counter that, take out the ‘AA’ batteries out before using.)
  2. The LED is not bright enough for any emergency situation
  3. It might not be durable since the plastic casing feels “cheap” or weak but if handled properly it can last you a few years (but it’s cheap get a few anyway)
  4. Pricey cost of ‘AA’ batteries in the 7/11 stores after midnight (if it’s an emergency…at least you got the option)
  5. Looks like a terrorist with a cable sticking out of your pants (makes sure you don’t use it in airport!! haha)

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