XDjvu – new DjVu documents reader for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Date: December 12, 2009 Review by: Booldm

Seller: XZone Software LLC

Here is the new iPhone application designed to read DjVu files.

No more conversions from DjVu into other formats!

Just upload your DjVu books and documents into your iPhone/iPod Touch via Wi-Fi and read them!

Our app has everything for comfortable reading: smooth resizing, quick scrolling, bookmarks tool, restoring document position if reading was interrupted by incoming call or sms and many other features.

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Main features:

  1. Full-screen view.
  2. Smooth zooming-in and zooming-out lets you fit page size to the display.
  3. Quick scrolling makes reading very comfortable even if you choose maximal zooming.
  4. You can easily read text column with help of horizontal scroll fixation mode.
  5. Screen rotation block mode that blocks image while rotating the device.
  6. Tap-zones allows you to move a page in four directions. Also tap-zone allows you to call application menu.
  7. Move to any page of a document by entering its number.
  8. Colored bookmarks will help to jump to the most interesting parts of a book.
  9. The application will store the last view position and bookmarks for all documents and books stored in your device. If the reading is interrupted by incoming voice call or SMS, you will continue reading the document from the same page.
  10. DjVu books and documents (and any other files) can be easily transferred from computer to your device via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. To do this you’ll need only standard software that can be found on most computers: Safari™, Finder™, Internet Explorer™, or other web-browser.
  11. If you tired of reading and want some fun, there is little game inside our application at your service. Just type in codeword(app name) at one “secret” =) place.
  12. Visit application webpage.
    Direct iTunes link.

    bookmarks screenshot

    bookmarks screenshot

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    easter egg game screenshot


    Category: Productivity
    Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
    Seller: XZone Software LLC

    Price for iPhone: $2.99 (As of: December 12, 2009 Report)
    Click here to link to Apple AppStore

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