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Date: December 1, 2011 Review by: lightroomapps.

Seller: lightroomapps.

Tired of useless calendar apps? Looking for absolutely new iPhone app that takes care of your calendar?
Meet new GoCal app! Easy in use and extremely useful app for your iPhone.

GoCal” is a $4.99 downloadable app by developer Lightroom Apps that utilizes Google Calendar. Users log into their Google account and the app allows them to view their Google calendars on their device. What’s more, “GoCal” also displays any calendars users have on their iOS device as well.

So, whether users want to use their iOS calendar or Google Calendar to store info – or a bit of both – they can use “GoCal.

To work with Google Calendar previously you needed to open a browser, go to the Google site, enter your username and password in the box and only then work with your schedule.

We have saved you from this necessity. Now you need only 1 time to do this work, and then simply run the application by selecting a calendar and the program automatically will open it.

Extremely easy in use app with friendly interface.

It’s the integration of Google that really makes “GoCal” shine. With it, users can easily access their Google Calendar with their iOS device, and the whole experience is seamless and built for the platform.

Anything users can do while logged into the browser version of Google Calendar, users can do here. What’s more, there’s additional Google integration to boot. For instance, users can add a location to their event, which, when clicked on, opens Google Maps. Definitely a nice extra.

With GoCalendar you can use as many google calendars as you need. You can do it in calendars view. For more comfort each calendar have unique color, and event of this calendar have same color.

All events for all your calendars viewed in one view. So you momentary can see what you must do in selected day. Using unique color you can easy understand to which calendar belongs this event.

In event manager you can set event: name, start time, end time, location, description and participants. Also in this view you must choose to which calendar belongs this event.

To sum it up GoCal is the best  and most productive app for iPhone that helps you keep info about your dates, tasks, etc.


  1. Other than day & month calendar view, you have week view
  2. You can jump to a specific date of your desire without scrolling through months of calendar!
  3. Add custom categories of labels for your event other than just the default given by apple
  4. Show location of event on a map

Category: Business
Type: Separate App
Seller: lightroomapps.

Price for iPhone: $4.99 (As of: December 1, 2011 Report)
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Price for iPad: $4.99 (As of: December 1, 2011 Report)
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