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Clash of Clans Part 52 – Town Hall 8 with no buildings
Or you can click on this link to see the enlarge image


Clan members!
New clan rules of simonvideo and – last 10 members will be kicked every 2nd week Sunday 7.30pm

You get to play 2 weeks 😀

So take note, it’s not trophy level that counts but your active status!

Thanks for reading this announcement.

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This page is for fans of Clash of Clans to see all my strategy videos! Enjoy!

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Here’s a legend of defensive towers

  1. For a much larger image download here (right click and save as)
  2. Here’s the link to the photoshop .PSD file that made the above images that you can use for your own. (Right click and save as)
  3. Zipped of all individual towers legend so that you can make game cards if you want 😀
  4. Here’s the file to check your defense tower’s range (Defense-Template.psd) as mentioned in the video clash of clans strategy part 21, 22 and 33
  5. Here’s the file for my town hall 7 design psd file also mentioned in part 21 & 22 but it’s my own base defense

The files below are for youtube video clash of clans – part 25 – budgeting

  1. Here’s the Clash of Clans Cost Calculator excel file for calculating total cost of training your troops & spells before going to battle (Updated with capacity!) (Updated with dark elixir cost for air seeking mine trap by Tobias Wakenshaw)
  2. Here’s the same Cost calculator but in google doc, open it and “Make a copy” to your own google doc and edit from there!