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Date: April 21, 2011 Review by: Cnotinfor

Seller: Cnotinfor

Learning music is now easy and fun. With help from the Little Mozart and his friends, you can create the most varied music, even if you have not yet any music knowledge/theory. Become a composer with the help of the Little Mozart.

Available in English and Portuguese.


Little Mozart uses an innovative system, allowing you to compose tonal musics easily and intuitively. Chosing notes and their rhythmic durations can be conditioned by the application so that your music becomes perfect and nice to be heard.


In the band stand you can choose one of the following instruments for Mozart to play:

  • Piano;
  • Violin;
  • English flute;
  • Trumpet.

You can also choose some percussion instruments for Mozart’s friends play along with your music’s:

  • Wood box;
  • Triangle;
  • Tambourine;
  • DJ plate.

Music Notation

Little Mozart allow you to choose from three different sets, facilitate the reading:

  • Invento Musical music graphic notation;
  • Conventional notation with the colors from music graphic;
  • Conventional notation.


Music teachers and other teaching professionals, can create melodies to support musical exercises and songs.

  • English flute exercises;
  • Small melodies to be played by the students using different instruments, having for accompaniment the percussion instruments from Little Mozart.
  • Vocal intonation exercises;
  • To create melodic dictation;
  • Identify rhythmic patterns from the percussion instruments;
  • Identify the timbre of the instruments;
  • Create songs having has reference patterns rhythms associated to the syllabic metric (the syllabic/rhythm construction is not supported by the application).

Category: Education
Type: Universal App
Seller: Cnotinfor

Price for iPhone: $1.99 (As of: April 21, 2011 Report)
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