Bomb Shot Recipes

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Date: September 24, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Jason Kang © ZENUXLAB 2009

Do you like parties? Are you sick and tired of boring parties and looking for something funny?

Then, here is the application you must have! Click to download Bomb Shot Recipes to your iPhone. Bomb Shot Recipes is a very original application which introduces you to the new world of drink.
You must be amazed to see how exciting and funny your drinking can be.

With just a few basic ingredients (beer, whiskey, vodka, coke, and vitamin drink) you can make more than 20 kinds of bomb shots. When buzzed, please don’t be bothered to read
the recipes since very vivid videos for most of bomb shots are provided. Plus, the exciting popping game helps you to decide who to drink.

With Bomb Shot Recipes in your iPhone and iPod touch, there is no boring party for you anymore!


  • Easy and clear recipes
  • Filters to narrow down available bomb shots.
  • Drinking game included
  • Vivid and high-quality videos to show how to make fantastic Bomb Shots.


  • Able to learn crazy recipes to make your buddies totally wasted! (Priceless!)
  • Whip this baby out to impress the ladies! (or master it before the event)
  • The videos are not streaming videos hence no WIFI or 3G connection required!


  • Description on iTunes mentioned “more then 20 kinds of bomb shots” but I counted only 18 recipes? (Add More, add more!! hic~*)
  • Need a voting system to allow user to vote for their favorite recipes (Vote for Obama~* hic…what?? won? ~hic*)
  • Possible 3GS Video upload support? Allow iPhone 3Gs users to upload videos to a platform like youtube and link to this application to view other people’s recipes & vote on them too!
  • Maybe add Bar Tricks? LOL we need bar tricks videos! (Win drinks by mastering bar tricks!)
  • Need More side games to find who wins DRINKS! Dice games, poker games etc. (Random wining conditions similar to existing ones)

Developed by ZENUXLAB 2009

Category: Entertainment
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Jason Kang © ZENUXLAB 2009

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: September 24, 2009 Report)
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