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Date: August 1, 2012 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Freqency Networks, Inc.

Frequency finds and delivers all the video you care about. Instead of going to all your websites, social networks and apps to watch videos, Frequency gives you a single place to tune in to the best of everything!

On Frequency, you can watch video from your favorite sources, on your favorite topics – news, entertainment, music, sports, technology – as well as all the videos your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Frequency organizes videos into channels and helps you cut through the static and find the most interesting video clips and music videos, and watch web-based TV shows all in one place.

  1. Watch 1,000s of channels – millions of videos from around the web – through a single video player
  2. Stay up to the minute on topics that are trending right now
  3. See videos your friends share on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  4. Quickly tune in to channels, or add new ones, in your personalized Tuner
  5. Find today’s best videos across all your channels in Your Highlights
  6. Go full screen, or use AirPlay to watch videos from the internet on your TV

You select the channels you want to watch and take them with you wherever you go. Your personal tuner is portable – on the web, on your iPad, and on your Apple TV with AirPlay.

The free Frequency video app works seamlessly with – all your Channels, Favorites, “Watch Later”s and your YouTube video subscriptions are continuously kept in sync between your iPad and the web. If you already have a account, just login on your iPad and all your channels and videos will be there for you.

You can start watching videos from the Internet immediately, or connect with Facebook or Twitter to customize your channels and watch all the videos from your social networks on your iPad and TV.

Frequency™ and the Frequency logo are trademarks of Frequency Networks, Inc.


  1. Lot’s of amazing channels that I never know existed now have my attention! Youtube or Apple should just buy this company over and replace the dreaded default Youtube application haha
  2. The favorite & watch it later make it possible to create your own video playlist 😀
  3. The user interface is touch friendly and very iOS like making it almost effortless to use
  4. You can watch the videos on your television using Airplay (if you have apple tv) or use the HDMI adapter which is amazing
  5. It’s a free app!
  6. There are no pre-roll advertisements …yet! I think if youtube buy the company do expect advertisement to appear pretty soon hehe


  1. There is no search option so it’s virtually impossible to find my own YouTube channel and even the search is not very effective
  2. I hope there are more customizations available to create my personal “watch it later” playlist(s) so that I can for example have a sleeping music video playlist and etc.
  3. Now that Frequency had identify & featured so many channels maybe there should be a Frequency “ratings” system so that users of frequency can rate each channel based on their own experiences. After the ratings are given maybe a way to sort the channels based on ratings & popularity when selecting specific category.
  4. I hope to also have the ability to listen to the video when I exit the application. This way I can do other things when I listen to podcast videos.
  5. This is not Cable TV replacement as many television networks only shows “trailers” or “previews” commentaries instead of full movies & television series, however you can enjoy it as a portal to all your favorite web based streaming videos
  6. There are no advertisements yet but I’m sure YouTube are working on HTML 5 advertising for the pre-roll pretty soon so that content creators will get their share of advertising revenue.
  7. Be careful when you set your video quality, Auto is the best setting so that you won’t be using up your mobile data plans too quickly

Overall, I had seen many video aggregating applications on iPad and this is one of the more user friendly types but more can be improve on the searching of videos and the app will be a complete replacement of YouTube application! 😀

I assume Frequency in the future will either be bought by Apple or Google to integrate advertising into the videos for example sneaking in “sponsored” videos in one of the thumbnails or channels once in a while which will be a huge revenue opportunity.

However I hope they will indicate that those advertising is labelled and have the ability to skip through so that it won’t annoy future viewers.

I will recommend this app for anyone using the iPad! 😀

Category: Entertainment
Type: iPad Only
Seller: Freqency Networks, Inc.

Price for iPad: Free (As of: Report)
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