Frequently Forwarded Texts – iPhone App Review

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Date: August 29, 2011 Review by: divjapps

Seller: Bams Fun Inc

Have you been searching for awesome content that you can share with your friends? look not further as BAMS Fun Inc. has released a new iPhone app where you can share and upload hilarious content for others to view and rate. Join the texting community with Frequently Forwarded Texts.

Frequently Forwarded Texts or FFT allows you to browse through their huge collection of funny videos, pictures and texts which you can forward to your friends. To make it more easier for users to browse through their inventory, FFT has 6 categories: Buddy Txt, Fwd Txt, Jokes, Videos and Who’s you rather. Buddy Txt is where you can read through submissions of hilarious texts users have received or sent in real time. FWD Txts is for you to send to your friends purely for amusement.

You can also upload your own content so that other FFT community members can view them and rate them. Apart from Jokes, Pictures and Videos, FFT has a another category, “Who’d you rather”, where you can vote for your favorite celebs. Who’d you rather has two groups for guys and girls where members can vote for celebs. Users can upload pictures of people so that other FFT members can vote.

Sorting through dates or popularity of content is also another feature which makes it easier to search through their huge archives. You will be able to sort through the best and the most forwarded content on FFT.

FFT is fun and interesting app which opens up a whole new world of hilarious and interesting content. Its simple and easy to work around and has a enormous  collection of content. This is available in the App Store for download.

Category: Entertainment
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Bams Fun Inc

Price for iPhone: Free $ Upgrades (As of: August 29, 2011 Report)
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