MewSim – Virtual Pet Game (Preview)

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Date: October 7, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Dynamic Pixels Ltd.

MewSim is a comic interactive simulator spiced with a humorous animation of the main character.

In MewSim you should take care of a cat, bring it up and it depends completely on you what kind of a character your pet will be: either obedient and affectionate or just a little evil!

You can choose sex and color of your pet and give it a name.

Every pet is the unique in its kind as it’s provided with the unique characteristics, abilities and talents.

Every sex – male or female – has its own animation, specific behavior, traits and point of view!

But what you will love most is incredibly comic animation of your pet!

Every second of the pet’s life is animated, it interacts with all the objects in its house, moreover, the objet themselves are animated!

This game reminds me of the famous “Simon’s Cat” in youtube but not as mischievous LOL


  1. Teach children how to be responsible for taking care of a cat
  2. Get amused by random actions by the virtual cat which is different for each item you purchased
  3. Hidden games within the applications give more value to the app
  4. Hours of entertainment


  1. Lot’s of bugs in this beta copy of the game
  2. Hard to control the movement in the “Cat & Mouse” game
  3. Too much repetitive animations between similar toys
  4. Some text are too small to read or the font too hard to read.
  5. Need easy ways to “earn” money instead of only buying or emailing friends

Heads up developer, you need to send this app to more beta testers before even allow people to review it.

Bugs list

  1. No label text when having “NEW Game” for the sub-games “Cat & Mouse Game” & “Aquaphone”
  2. Controls for the game “Cat & Mouse” should be improved
  3. When restarting a new pet, all the toys & money are not reseted
  4. Need instructions on the bluetooth feature before connection
  5. When run out of money, should highlight a button or image that shows “how to get more money” menu.
  6. The text “O” & “Q” is very similar in the game or the text not clear enough for me to read
  7. Some times may crash randomly.

Features I wish MewSim have!

  1. Human appear INSIDE the apartment as a avatar character
  2. Able to open a can food & get surrounded by my cat meowing loudly
  3. Able to have TWO or more pets to play with each other!
  4. Able to use a laser pointer to point few inches above my finger touch for my pet to jump to catch the red light dot
  5. Able to dress my pet with clothes
  6. Able to call out to my cat “name” to my screen but fail but only success when food arrives
  7. More furniture damage due to cat scratches that need to be repaired
  8. More different types of animations for each toy hence won’t repeat
  9. Blow the microphone to blow my cat dry after bath
  10. Bigger text for menus
  11. Social game network to share achievements (Game center, Plus+, Open Feint)
  12. Better feedback link in the game

Overall, this game still need some polish & bug fixes to make it a fun game.

Since this game have in game purchasable “money”, I predict this game will come out as a free app or free app with advertisement at menu.

(This app was sent to me by developer to review before they submit to Apple for approval hence it’s not available yet, if it’s available do email me via the contact page or comment below)

Official website

Category: Games
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Dynamic Pixels Ltd.

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: October 7, 2010 Report)
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