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Date: October 1, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay

Using MyMovieList, you can create a list of movies – movies that you have seen, or the ones that are your favorite! The app ships with a huge, buit-in data store of movies.

To help you discover more movies, we made searching for movies as easy & intuitive as it gets! You can search movies by your favorite actors, actresses, directors or search movies by name, year & even by genre! Once you’ve found your movie, you can view its details, go to the movie’s IMDB page or Netflix page, or add the movie to your list!

Your movie list is published at

And when you’re ready to announce your movie list to the world, you can post a tweet right from within the app.
Its that simple! Get started making a list of your own movies!


  • Ability to share with my friends in Twitter what movies titles that I had already seen and can ask me for review
  • Ability to see plenty of movies listed that I haven’t watch before!! (hehehehe time for a video renting)
  • Ability to search by Actor/Actress, Director, Name, Year and Genre movies that I had missed but want to watch!


  • Lacking a rating system to rate each movie in a 5 stars scale
  • Lacking a internal short movie synopsis summary (need to click on IMDB link)
  • Lacking of thumbnails of poster for each movie in the “iWatched” list for better identification to “delete” if recognized wrongly
  • Lacking of in-app ranking system to rank movies based on users’ consolidating ratings.

By Kapil Goenka

My Movie List - Kapil Goenka

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