Rack Stare
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Date: April 17, 2011 Review by: reguinya

Seller: Ed Nash © 2010-2011 Venevi

Rack stare app has been created to give a more mature audience some adult humor on the App Store.
It’s good stuff for guys who practice staring at big boobs. After some practice they will be able to do this without being noticed. To pass a level, stare at the woman’s mouth watering décolleté as long as you can and try not to be caught.

The more you stare, the more points you get. Don’t be too involved though as you will be slapped in the face by the infuriated woman.
Overall the app is entertaining, I can spend hours playing. I’m on level 3, still unable to get past this one!

The couple featured in this game is just awesome. Both are just looking around the room with no real purpose. The woman is indeed attractive, dressed more in a modest blouse, but the focus is on a rack. Sometimes she will start looking at your direction but then quickly looks away, that makes it more challenging.

The fun little game quickly became popular on the App Store due to its innovative technology. A new Rack Stare update is now available on the App Store. It keeps the original concept, but doubles the number of girls to look at. From now on users can enjoy gazing at both a hot blonde and a glamorous brunette.

The game controls have become easier and smoother. I really like the game for its fantastic humor and the way they turned a video into an interactive game. That’s definitely a great app to show friends!

Category: Lifestyle
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Ed Nash © 2010-2011 Venevi

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: April 17, 2011 Report)
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