Want cool photos? ClonErase Camera is the answer

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Date: December 6, 2012 Review by: iPhomemaniac

Seller: ZEDOnet

CloneErase is a rather simple but at the same moment extremely powerful photo app that will turn your  iPhone into a fully-fledged digital camera. With the help of CloneErase you can make perfect Facebook profile pictures or any photos you want as app removes unwanted objects in a photo. Using this app users can clone themselves in pictures or erase certain items or people in the picture so if you travel quite often and make photos in front of the famous places you’ll be always sure that no one spoil your masterpieces.

App has an alignment tool  that gives users the ability to take multiple pictures at the same angle and distance each time. Users can shoot up to eight pictures and stitch them together into one. The app’s user interface is intuitive and CloneErase contains detailed and clear user guide that makes app very easy in use for a wide range of users.

How it works:
1) Shoot up to eight pictures of the same scene with people or objects moving around.
2) ClonErase Camera automatically detects all changes in the images (e.g. a person changed the position) and produces two results:
a) Clone: an image with clones (up to 8!) of the person on several positions (multiplicity)
b) Erase: an image with all moving people removed

The true power of the app becomes apparent once you shoot the photo and app gives you 2 variants of it so you can choose the best result and share it with your friends via Facebook or Instagram. While all these features are very important to most photographers, one of the biggest benefits of ClonErase Camera is the ability to see both variants of the photos you made.

Overall ClonErase Camera is a very simple app that just focuses on doing several things, erasing and cloning people and object on your photos and it does it well. The interface has well done screen and it is easy and pleasant in use, overall its a highly useful photo application. ClonErase is available  on the Apple App Store for $1.99 in the Photo & Video category.

Category: Photo & Video
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: ZEDOnet

Price for iPhone: $1.99 (As of: December 6, 2012 Report)
Click here to link to Apple AppStore

Price for iPad: $1.99 (As of: December 6, 2012 Report)
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