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What does “Universal”, “Separate” App means?

In the search type on the right of this site you find the following

Universal : This represent that the app reviewed is Universal App that can be use in both iPhone or iPad, one app can work on both devices.

Separate: This represent that there are separate apps for iPhone & iPad, be careful to buy to correct version.

iPad Only: This means that the app is design for iPad only.

iPhone/iPod Only: This means that the app is design for iPhone/iPod touch only.

How to find apps quickly?

Many visitors goes to SimonVideo.com and often unable to find what they want efficiently hence I decided to make this screen cast tutorial video to help visitors on how to surf simonvideo.com the most efficient & effective manner 😀

  1. Use the sidebar search filter pull down menu to filter out what category or types of applications that you are searching for
  2. Use the search box on the top right for text search
  3. Add your favorite application to the favorite so that you can remember it the next time you log in to this site (Members only, register free!)
  4. Submit your favorite application via the contact page or register an account and write your own review.

Basically, that’s how this site works and if you have any suggestions or feedback do send it via the contact page and I will reply as soon as possible.

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How to vote for your favorite apps?


  1. Step 1: Go to your favorite app in the main page
  2. Step 2: Mouse over the stars & select the appropriate stars to represent your votes e.g. 5 stars = VERY GOOD!, 1 stars = Bad
  3. Step 3: Click on the stars & that’s it!

Remember, you can only vote once per IP address or login account so vote wisely 😀

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How to submit your reviews?

Yes, you can register(FREE!) to this blog and write your own Apple review in the dashboard.
(Note you can only submit reviews related to Apple)

Or you can email me via the contact page and send in your request, only selected application will be reviewed.

i am an apple fan detail

If you are submitting your own reviews, kindly use video tags available to embed youtube videos of your own

Recently I had added some useful fields at the bottom of your “Add New” post

These fields will auto populate into your post automatically depending if it’s filled or not.

You can even put some promo codes for promotion too!

If in doubt do ask me via the “contact” page to contact me.

Note: I reserved the rights to modify to enhance your post depending on case by case basis, normally to help you touch up any post errors if any.


  1. You can only post reviews that’s related to Apple products, anything else will be deleted without notice.
  2. There shall be no pornography and spam
  3. Web links can be posted about the author both in the post & in his/her profile so that it will appear when you click on the username.
  4. Anyone who broke the rules too many times will be removed his/her author privileges but still able to log in & favorite post(s)

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Do you have contest?

We will hold regular contest as & when there are prizes available to be given away by developers as a promotion.

The history of contest held are

  1. 16 Feb 2012 – MacX Video Converter
  2. 23 Feb 2012 – Total Finder for mac
  3. 12 Mar 2012 – WinX DVD Ripper for Mac & Windows

About this website

In the thousands of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications available in the Apple App Store found in your itunes, which application is worth your money? What will be the most interesting applications that are available NOW for your immediate purchase?

Ever since I had bought my first iPhone 3G, I had instantly fallen in love with the clean & interesting designs of the user interface and began researching the tips & secrets of all things Apple. What I find lacking is the up to date information on iPhone Application reviews that are worth buying and a space for developers to update their own release of iPhone Applications information.

This is when I decided to create this multi-user blog for everyone to register (Free!) & chip in their own reviews OR submit an application for review. My personal reviews initially started as just “demos” videos to show how some of the iPhone Games & applications works but increasingly find the need to explain some of the “secrets” features & interesting pros & cons of each application.

Currently I will upgrade this website to the best of my ability and hopefully able to give you 100% reliable information for you to decide which application(s) that will be worthy to download. It’s free to contribute your own review but remember you must not be bias about your review & kindly do provide a link to a video or image of your application.

Currently, new video review will appear in the following awesome services!

Update: This website had just became officially a registered company! Business Registration No: 53189612M

This site is own by Simon Tay & and managed by me and everyone who register (Free!).

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Note: I personally encourage developers to give promotional codes to readers together with the review posts for more “effective” promotion

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Disclaimer:  I do not condone jailbreaking of your iPodTouch/iPhone/iPad or any Apple Devices as it will effectively void your warranty and Apple will know even if you restore your devices. What I review is only for research & analytical review of the good & bad of jailbreaking. Jailbreaking without prior knowledge may cause instability, frequent crashes &  open yourself to be vulnerable to hackers which will destroy the overall  user experience of the device. Only jailbreak at your own risk.

Disclosures and Relationship

– affiliate for iTunes through Linkshare
– advertising in links within reviews
– google Adsense advertising banners.
– Currently none of the developers had paid me for any kind of reviews other then giving promo codes to their apps to review, previously I tried to charge for a review but later found out that it’s not working as I want to be unbiased in my review & say the truth about the app at that point of time.

So, now I don’t review all the apps requested by developers because some of the apps if badly done can seriously cause more harm then good if reviewed by me hehe.

Update 28th January 2012
This site had been selected out of several hundreds of bloggers to receive this award!!
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Contest (1)

Do you have contest?

We will hold regular contest as & when there are prizes available to be given away by developers as a promotion.

The history of contest held are

  1. 16 Feb 2012 – MacX Video Converter
  2. 23 Feb 2012 – Total Finder for mac
  3. 12 Mar 2012 – WinX DVD Ripper for Mac & Windows