How to submit your reviews?

Yes, you can register(FREE!) to this blog and write your own Apple review in the dashboard.
(Note you can only submit reviews related to Apple)

Or you can email me via the contact page and send in your request, only selected application will be reviewed.

i am an apple fan detail

If you are submitting your own reviews, kindly use video tags available to embed youtube videos of your own

Recently I had added some useful fields at the bottom of your “Add New” post

These fields will auto populate into your post automatically depending if it’s filled or not.

You can even put some promo codes for promotion too!

If in doubt do ask me via the “contact” page to contact me.

Note: I reserved the rights to modify to enhance your post depending on case by case basis, normally to help you touch up any post errors if any.


  1. You can only post reviews that’s related to Apple products, anything else will be deleted without notice.
  2. There shall be no pornography and spam
  3. Web links can be posted about the author both in the post & in his/her profile so that it will appear when you click on the username.
  4. Anyone who broke the rules too many times will be removed his/her author privileges but still able to log in & favorite post(s)

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