Astro Ranch – Farming Game in Space!

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Date: February 13, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Astro Ranch HD - Tag Games Limited

Tag Games Limited is about to launch a upcoming AAA iPhone title “Astro Ranch”, plus first look at the game-play trailer for the game.

Best described (or at least the best attempt we can come up with) as a mixture of Farmville, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Futurama,

Astro Ranch is perhaps the most unique and interesting game to hit the iPhone since the launch of the App Store!

The game takes place in the far reaches of the galaxy as the player attempts to build a ranching empire from scratch having crash landed on a strange alien planet.

The player may choose to play as either one of the Starlight twins, Sindy or Max as the action blends resource management (farming crops/raising livestock) with RPG elements (mini-quests) and action (fishing and panning for gold mini-games)

Touch Down in this stunning 3D world, meet weird alien characters, enjoy some awesome 16 bit inspired music and communicate, compete and collaborate with your friends using social features (powered by Scoreloop and Facebook).

Here’s the game-play trailer :
If you missed it here’s the intro story trailer:


  1. A unique game experience – exclusive to iPhone
  2. Farming game-play mashed up with RPG and mini-games
  3. Awesome 3D world to explore, with beautiful animation
  4. Lots of strange alien characters to befriend
  5. Go fishing, pan for gold, steal fruit from trees and visit aliens!
  6. Large range of crops, livestock and upgrades to buy
  7. Message friends, send them gifts and credits and many more social features powered by Scoreloop
  8. Lots of downloadable content available from the online shop

Launch Details
* Date – week of the 21st February
* Price – initially discounted to £1.79 / $2.99 / Euro 2.39
* Exclusive golden statue of the mayor available from the shopkeeper for the first 50,000 downloads

Editor: This is a launch notice of a new game and I have yet review it hence I can’t give you additional details other than it’s going to be as addictive as most farming games in facebook & probably the females will rejoice with the choice of graphics & animations.

Astro Ranch – Tag Games Limited – For iPhone
Astro Ranch HD – Tag Games Limited – For iPad
Astro Ranch HD - Tag Games Limited

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