Beat Hazard Ultra – Visualizer + Arcade shooter!! iPad iPhone video app Review!

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Date: February 25, 2012 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Cold Beam Games Ltd

Experience YOUR music collection like never before with this intense music driven arcade shooter.


  1. Levels created from YOUR iTunes collection
  2. Play to internet radio stations
  3. Simple 1 stick mode for beginners
  4. Twin stick mode for the pros
  5. Rank up and unlock 23 perks


  1. Ability to enjoy your iTunes music in a game format, different game have different speed of gameplay!
  2. Internet radio does gives players lot’s of additional music to play with!
  3. Different joysticks configuration (fixed & floating) and single or dual stick modes gave gamers choices!
  4. The visualizer effects is melting my iPad…and my earphones! Muahahah Use earphones for best effect!


  1. The user interface slightly complex, if people don’t know about the Internet radio station…they probably missed it completely! Any user interface that need more than 3 clicks are too much. I hope the developer can pull out the Internet radio stations & tracks selection to the front so that users can select them in the beginning…even for the quick play.
  2. After few hours of gameplay…this game starts to become repetitive but of course…unless you have lot’s of songs haha! We need more bosses!! MORE MORE MORE!! haha
  3. Maybe add a multiplayer in the future so that players can either co-op play via bluetooth or WIFI or play against each other to see who get the most points! 😀

Overall, with a few upgrades to this game…this game will go far however more can be done to entice players to play longer! 😀 It’s 99 cents so it’s worth the price!

Beat Hazard Ultra – Cold Beam Games Ltd

Category: Games, Arcade
Type: Universal App
Seller: Cold Beam Games Ltd

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: February 25, 2012 Report)
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Price for iPad: $0.99 (As of: February 25, 2012 Report)
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