Birzzle Cute Drag & Drop Puzzle Game!!

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Date: May 19, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Enfeel Inc.

A new brand of Drag n Drop block puzzle game lining up the same type of birds and making it disappear by the use of fingertip. Provides optimized system which sustains better flexibility and simplicity of movements in touch control than prior puzzle games on the market; in return, provides a quick action arcade puzzle anyone can enjoy.

Birzzle is a very simple game which anyone can enjoy. Simply gather the birds on the touch pad with your fingers and blow it up. After a few levels and shortened time, Birzzle birds will speed up more and more. You’ll need faster finger movements!! Feel the pleasure of chain reactions caused by the use of special items which is created by gathering birds in an extreme situation.

※ Two different Game Types

Birzzle can be played in two ways, both full of cute Birzzle birds experience. The in which players align the birds in a speedy action puzzle, and the in which player survives within a set time while breaking the ice. One can only understand the two different addictive game play by actually playing the game.

(Caution) If you want unlock Ice break mode, you need play over 21 levels of Classic Mode.

※ Game play

1) Your touch screen will slowly be filled with cute and adorable birds which can be moved within the range.

2) Birzzle birds can be blown up by gathering up by 3 or more.

3) More random birds will drop from the upper screen, but you will be able to blow up the block of birds in time if you are fast enough.

4) More birds can be added onto the assembled birds just before blowing up and more birds assembled will create a stronger power bird.

5) The Power Bird created in this way can be used to unlock the locked away birds or create a chain reaction which is definitely a refreshing sensation.

※ Game specific features

* An easy, addictive gameplay
* Easy and flexible Drag n Drop control, optimized to the owner’s touch screen
* A new brand of block puzzle game different from prior block games on market
* Game Center supported for world ranking system
* Global leaderboard accessible within game
* Retina display supported for a clean and flashy screen display
* Prior generation of iPhone and iPod touch will also show a clean display
* Cute and addictive sound effects and background music


  1. The speed is soooooooo fast! LOL it’s so fast that it’s amazing how people can beat the level 21 to unlock the “Ice Breaker” mode.
  2. Why not a universal app? I bought the wrong version…instead of the iPad version I gotten the iPhone version which is fine but WHY separate into two different apps?

Overall this app is very well made & deserve it’s popularity, there are free lite version in iTunes too.

Category: Games, Puzzle
Type: Separate App
Seller: Enfeel Inc.

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: May 19, 2011 Report)
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Price for iPad: $1.99 (As of: May 19, 2011 Report)
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