Brainy Smarty Party Review

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Date: October 28, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Julius Trinkunas

Improve your brains and challenge players around the globe with Brainy Smarty Party!

A collection of 15 addictive and fun games designed to improve your brains in different areas like reaction, memory, counting, logic, math and focus. And when you’re done, enjoy the time with one of the world’s most popular puzzle: Sudoku!


  • 15 games: a collection of 15 games, which not only are fun and addictive, but also helps to improve your brains!
  • Track progress: grades and hi-scores will let you track your progress and play games you need to improve at.
  • Challenge the world: challenge players all over the world with integrated online scores! Do you have guts for it?
  • Accessible to all: puzzles start easy and increase in difficulty as you progress further. It’s accessible for newcomers and challenging for pros!
  • Profiles: different profiles let your friends and family play on the same iPhone.
  • Supported languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian and Spanish.
  • And a bonus: Sudoku! Just in time when you feel for it.


  • Definitely work your brain’s cells constantly in these mini games that challenges not only your reaction speed, intellect & analytical skills.
  • Really fun for kids & even adults alike to test their ability to crack some of the puzzles in a short time!
  • Sudoku! Who don’t LOVE Sudoku? It’s one of the best puzzle game that you can do during long distant travel!


  • Sometimes the puzzles (other then the Sudoku) are too taxing on my brains hence unable to relax while playing because of the time limit.
  • Not suitable for people suffering from hypertension muahaha

Category: Games, Puzzle
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Julius Trinkunas

Price for iPhone: $3.99 (As of: October 28, 2009 Report)
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