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Date: November 7, 2011 Review by: icewolf

Seller: Icewolf

Story: The little crab PangKa who likes collecting the shinning things. Luckily, the ocean he lives always appears some treasure covered with bubbles. Pangka needs to collect these treasures by slicing the bubbles. Help him!

Game Feature:
-Slice game, simple operations, but with some difficulties to get high score
-Suitable for all age-break light players
-2D drawing plus 3D render tech, awesome visual view
-classic mode, relaxed & happy
-crazy mode, intensive & exciting
-frozen items, slowing the treasure down
-fire items, treasures gush
-relaxed BGM
-connected with GameCenter

Come on! Help Panka to collect the treasures with your families in wonderful ocean! Connect the GameCentre, uploading your high score and making yourself be the No.1

Category: Games, Arcade
Type: iPad Only
Seller: Icewolf

Price for iPad: $0.99 (As of: Report)
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