Bullet Time HD

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Date: November 30, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Kiloo

In a vivid post-apocalyptic world you’ll join the engaging story of John Irish as he strives to reclaim his family from the cold grasp of a savage breed of mutated beasts.

Play through multiple campaigns delving deeper into the story of Bullet Time or join the action online, as players take part in three-player co-op MULTIPLAYER against the vicious mutated hordes!

Experience a large, living 3d-world with multiple quests and hidden secrets along the way. Retina and HD graphics optimized for iPad 2 & iPhone 4S.

Survive a depraved, distant future where dangers lurk around every corner and only a few human survivors are living scattered throughout the wilderness.

Customize your character uniquely and upgrade every weapon in extensive ways.

Unleash the power of destructive boosts as the mutant armies attempt to take John Irish down.

Compete along with your friends to reach number one on the GameCenter leaderboards and unlock exquisite achievements deep within the world of Bullet Time!

Bullet Time is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1 & iPad2.


  1. It’s FREE
  2. Single player campaign to complete & earn silver!
  3. Checkpoint to save your progress automatically
  4. Simple to play, no need reload weapons!
  5. Lot’s of upgrades to buy when you are down!


  1. It’s not a full RPG game, it’s a upgraded version of most freemium shooter with better campaign levels instead of staying in the same map with waves of enemies coming at you…it’s you going to the bad guys.
  2. The game get progressively & impossibly hard and you have to restart that level from the check point to earn more silvers so that you can upgrade your character to complete that level…which will make it repetitive.
  3. The multiplayer option doesn’t work for me at the moment for version 1.1.3, if it work for you let me know!

Suggestions to developer
Your game reminds me a lot of the old Super Nintendo game “ShadowRun” but lack the depth of a full fledge RPG game, shoot them up games can only keep me interested for a while but without a interesting character development story or plot you can’t keep me up all night to discover more.

Shoot them up with impossible boss & the only solution is to upgrade your weapons & armor forcing you to replay levels many times is some how make it less addictive.
I’m not sure what’s wrong with the current version 1.1.3 multiplayer option but I can’t seems to make it work, if you can make it work for massive multiplayer online game with lot’s of gamers co-op major quests it will be addictive.

The current version is fun enough to discover new locations to explore & big new monsters however it will be more exciting to make this a full fledge RPG game with cutscenes & conversations between characters.

If you want to be critical about the story plot, there’s seems to be plenty of missing portion of the game like where you get all the weapons in a apocalyptic world? Without a proper plot this game is just another shoot them up mindless freemium game that get really tired after the 40th waves of zombies, monsters & more.
Overall, it’s fun for a while & it’s free get it to pass your holidays! 😀

Category: Games, Shooter
Type: Universal App
Seller: Kiloo

Price for iPhone: Free $ Upgrades (As of: November 30, 2011 Report)
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