City Traffic – HD iPhone and iPad app review

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Date: March 30, 2011 Review by: Victoria

Seller: Friendiki

Remember the hay-day of gaming sites online?

Back when sites like Shockwave and Addicting Games were at the peak of cool a whole series of peculiar game niches appeared.

One of the most memorable among these was the “Traffic” game pantheon.

Whether it was parking cars, managing a virtual valet, or keeping tabs on busy intersections, these 2D top-view strategic adventures found an enthusiastic audience on the web.

Many of these games are now still easy to find online in the form of tenth sequels, remakes, and retro throwbacks.

Legions loved them, and one iOS developer was clever enough to take the spirit of these games and create a mobile gaming experience that was just as fun, in just the same ways.

The product is City Traffic HD. This mobile game challenges users to manage busy intersections by simultaneously controlling all incoming cars to ensure they don’t crash or create a traffic jam. Simply put, this game is awesome.

The graphics are about as good as we’ve ever seen in iOS games, the gameplay is fast paced – almost hectic – but always smooth and responsive.

Furthermore, there’s different locations to play in, different cars to control, different intersection designs, and – best of all – levels that get harder and harder as you play rather than being stagnant in difficulty.

The game view is from a birds perspective, and the users frame of reference never changes, staying put on the intersection at all times.

This classic structure aught to classify City Traffic HD as a pure strategy/ puzzle game – much it’s antecedents were.

The odd thing though is that playing the game one doesn’t get the “puzzle adventure” feeling.

Its action packed, fast paced, and leaves the player feeling like they just got a shot of nerve-wreckingly satisfying adrenaline.

Usually at the end of reviews a games drawbacks will be discussed in the spirit of fairness to the reader.

Not in this case. City Traffic HD is an extra large dose of awesome, its as simple as that.

Category: Games, Arcade
Type: Universal App
Seller: Friendiki

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: March 30, 2011 Report)
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