Easy Get Rich Quick in SimCity BuildIt (iOS/Android)

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Date: January 13, 2017 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Electronic Arts

I had been playing SimCity BuildIt on iOS for a few months now and always faced a serious problem that prevented me to continue playing the game for long period of time.

The problem is constantly lacking of money to upgrade more residential buildings which I mistake it as the only way to earn money other than watching advertisements & collecting taxes.

The tips on how to get rich quick in SimCity BuildIt is to stop expanding the residential buildings and start upgrading the factories to produce more raw materials to sell at Trade Depot.

However, raw materials fetch a lower price at trade depot and is harder to sell hence you need the retail shops to produce more expansive products to sell.

Since the cost of production of those products are just TIME so it’s fun just to sell stuff and upgrade your city the way you like it!

Category: Games, Time Management
Type: Universal App
Seller: Electronic Arts

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: January 13, 2017 Report)
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Price for iPad: Free (As of: January 13, 2017 Report)
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