Fantasy War Tactics – First impression!

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Date: November 18, 2015 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: NEXON Company

Fantasy War Tactics reminds me of the good old days of turn based strategy games that let you think of all factors before making a move.

The terrain, range, spells, elements (scissors, paper, stone), skills, potential, experience, mana, equipments and awesome stories for each heroes makes this one of the best turn base strategy game for the iOS & Android!

The best of all, it’s free with in-app purchase.

The game doesn’t feel like you need to buy anything at the early stages of the game which you can breeze through like super fast till you reach two stars rebirth of your heroes.

After that, you may need to grind hard to gain experiences & items to rebirth or level up your heroes.

But for a free game, you can play for free at least for 3-4 days of mad obsession of strategy & beating the artificial intelligence at their own game.

The AI is pretty smart sometimes and will take over “power up” when you are least expected making it very challenging.

You need to deploy the counter element heroes (paper beat stone, stone beat scissor, scissor beat paper) at each quest and save up for the lord awesome spells.

The pressing of spell gave auto path finding is also a nice touch but not always the best recommended path which you can always change before attacking.

There is a limited friends helping you by using your friend’s hero to tag team into the battle while your own hero heals at the background.

However, there’s limited number of friends slots which you need to buy more using crystals or remove low level players for higher level friends…which is a tough decision.

Overall a fun game which is almost impossible to completely finish within a few days but remains one of the most interesting game for strategy turn based tactical games similar to Final Fantasy tactics & The War of Eustrath but with much better graphics!

Overall a great game to start the December holidays!



Category: Games, Turn-Based
Type: Universal App
Seller: NEXON Company

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: November 18, 2015 Report)
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Price for iPad: Free (As of: November 18, 2015 Report)
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