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Date: April 8, 2015 Review by: iPhomemaniac

Seller: Awecent Pte. Ltd

There’s always a great time and place for RPG entertainment. Developed by Awecent Pte. Ltd. Martial Heroes is the next big RPG title in mobile role playing games. Martial Heroes is an incredibly fun and fast-paced game for Android devices running on Android 2.3.3 and up.

This addictive game is all about power. The main aim of the player is to build the most powerful team to overcome opponents, earn experience, unlock items and battle your way till the complete victory. Game features quite simple and informative tutorial to start game by jumping head-first into the introductory part that will guide you through all the basic knowledge that you’ll need to acquire to competently build your army. With the game progress, you’ll be more familiar with the rules and get significantly reduced the learning curve because in reality, there’s quite a lot to remember.

Martial Heroes start out pretty easy and gives new players plenty of time to adjust to the gameplay environment. However, it’s best not to get too comfortable with casual gameplay because enemies definitely get harder as you reach higher levels as app features more than 60 levels. Heroes has the following areas to explore:  Story (vs the computer), PVP, Blood War, and Raid. Furthermore, it’s very important to make sure you pay attention to your heroes by upgrading their skills such as attack, heal, as well as Heroes, Skills, and Equipment. One of the best things about this game is that the game offers a seemingly endless number of martial arts for players to fight through, as well as challenging fights.

Martial Heroes is available to download from Google Play for Free and is universally compatible with Android devices. So long as you’re patient, you should be able to earn plenty of gems and gold just by playing the game.


Category: Games, Action RPG
Type: Universal App
Seller: Awecent Pte. Ltd

Price for iPhone: Free $ Upgrades (As of: April 8, 2015 Report)
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Price for iPad: Free $ Upgrades (As of: April 8, 2015 Report)
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