Guns’nGlory – Be a villain !

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Date: November 21, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: GmbH

Become the most fearsome and richest leader of all bandits in the Wild West!

You are a bad villain who can hire mercenaries desperado, bandits, native red Indians & Army deserters Cannon fodder to help you in your quest to loot all incoming settlers to the west for the Gold Rush!

There are even railway train mountable Gatling gun & ships with double cannon in the advanced stages.

These mercenaries can move around the map freely as long it’s not blocked by fellow mercenaries at the crossing and treasure chess will randomly spawn across the map for you to get them while trying to stop the settlers from passing your defense.

If enough number of settlers passed your defense and notified the sheriff, the game will be over & restarted.

Each map there are about 8 to 10 waves of settlers, each getting more and more challenging and you need to consider your strategies early on otherwise you may fail to stop them all!

Some can try Cannons & Banditos upfront while the Desperado & Gatling gun at the back to finish them off.

This game is  a universal app hence you only need to get ONE app for both iPhone & iPad.

I find it’s enjoyable & addictive however, the replay value drops for early on maps as they are too simple after you learn the correct strategies to defeat them.

My personal suggestion to improve on this game is as follows.

  1. Put a map editor to allow gamers to make their own map to submit to developers to include into the game.
  2. Put either a game center or other social network leader board
  3. Save game progress somewhere in the server so that it can resume on another platform (iPhone, iPodtouch, iPad and etc)
  4. ADD more maps, more weapon types, more settler types!

This game can easily becomes a full blown real time strategy game based on the movable defense units, imagine if the settlers can shoot back!! LOL

However, that I believe the current story of the game is unique to a one sided tower defense where the settlers cannot defend themselves but only to run to the end and notified the sheriff.

If the developer are making another similar game with tower defense in mind, this is a good model to use again!! Regardless if the story is the Romans vs the escaping deserters or the Qin Dynasty soldiers ambushing retreating Chinese soldiers….It will be fun!

This game is meant to be a single player game however if there is a multi-player option to “Co-op” against rushing settlers in two different section of the game by different people on different platform it shall be amazing!!

That means a SUPER HUGE MAP with multiple entry & exit points where 2 or more gamers can start deploying units that they bought however they can’t touch each other units unless a “chest” allows that for a small period of time.

It will be fun to race against time to collect more treasure chest against your friends & loot the settlers and if the settlers escaped both loses, but if none had escape you can see who got the most loot as winners! 😀

If it’s a multiplayer option, I hope there is a difficulty level change option to add more settlers for harder game play for more gamers.

Overall, this game is one of the better tower defense I had seen yet! 😀

Category: Games, RTS
Type: Universal App
Seller: GmbH

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: November 21, 2010 Report)
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Price for iPad: $0.99 (As of: November 21, 2010 Report)

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