Liberty Wings



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Date: January 26, 2011 Review by: ItAnna

Seller: DR Software Kft © 2010 Digital Reality

Get back to the times of World War II and fight against German army. You fly an old-looking fighter through the unfriendly skies, destroying other retro planes, battleships, tanks, trucks, and occasionally heavy duty boss vehicles.

Take control of a World War II air fighter and fight your way through enemy
lines in this action-packed shoot-em-up!

Liberty Wings puts you in the role of an air officer from the US Navy during World War II, with the mission to hunt and take down all elements of the German Atom Bomb Project. Fly over the Arctic Circle, the Pacific Islands, Germany and much more, choose between 3 game modes and reach
your objectives to save humanity from the Nuclear Menace!

Main Features :

– Action-packed shoot’em up gameplay
– Enjoy 3 different gameplay, integrated into one action package!
– Classic portrait shooter and virtual analog joystick controllable, landscape oriented bombing and sideview levels.
– Travel and fight through 12 scenes in 4 different locations throughout the world
– Campaign and Free mode
– Defeat great end-level bosses and save the world from the nazi’s nuclear warplan
– 2 control modes in the portrait levels (tilt or finger)
– Enjoy the high-quality and cutting edge art content
– Open Feint integration
– Recommended to fans of iFighter, iBomber, and other great war shoot-em-up games.

Category: Games, Flying
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: DR Software Kft © 2010 Digital Reality

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: January 26, 2011 Report)
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