Mach Defense – Mechwarriror castle defense?

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Date: May 31, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: IndieApps

Innovation of Defense Games. Finally, Heavy Mach meets the defense game!

This game will bring you a new experience of playing defense games. Now you can experience more advanced graphics, more units, and more powerful special attacks.

Bigger Screen, Bigger scale and advanced new graphics, the Mach Defense will bring you a new game experience you never had before.
The Mach Defense is the best mechanic defense game of your choice.

– Total of 70 different Stages
– Hundreds of new Upgraded units from original Heavy Mach
– More powerful Special Attacks
– Dynamic game-play with Mechs, Turrets, and special abilities
– You can build your own Army of Machs as you want.

How to play
1. When the game starts, you will get Energy Cells and enemies will start to attack you
2. As you get more Energy cells build your units for your best defense.
3. You can upgrade your defense or even attack your enemy with your units and special abilities,
4. You can get a new unit each time you clear up a stage
5. As you clear up more stages, you will get Cr points to buy items or upgrade your units
6. You can also upgrade your base for stronger defense.


  1. Every level seems to be the same except for the background landscape & a few stronger enemy tanks
  2. You cannot control the movement of individual Mech robots which is essential to “flank” in the previous “Heavy Mach” game.
  3. All units can attack all enemies!? Where’s the strategy in that? The developers are not gamers? There are reasons why all the RTS games must BALANCE the strength & weakness of all units vs the enemy’s units.
  4. I can see this looks very similar to a Starcraft 2 custom game which can be played in multiplayer, ohhh developer please make a multiplayer online version so I can beat someone else! (But before that, make the balancing units first!)
  5. The basic strategy of this game is build up ultimate defense, upgrade CR until full then RUSH the enemy base with everything is repeatable & too easy, when a game becomes not challenging it becomes boring.
  6. Every levels must HAVE different types of objectives in mind not just go all out and destroy enemy base right? Other games have Assassination, Defend until times up, escort importing people to destination, attack enemy base and more.
  7. Each units feels like they are lifeless robots and nobody driving them other then mindless computer AI…give them a voice of a human or a animated face when they encounter something like “Enemy Spotted”, “We need more support!”, “It’s an Ambush!!”, “Trying to flank!!”, “Support Fire!!”, “Arghh! kaboom”.
  8. Where’s the RPG element? Upgrading robots is like upgrading computer, don’t feel that achievement…what about experience points & ranking? Make a human pilot to drive the mech and level them up in terms of skills like accuracy in heavy cannon, sniping skills, speed and etc and if the mech explode…they must be rescued by some other mech or rescue units. Mech can be pilot-less but they should be less accurate or less powerful.
  9. Where’s the option to turn on Fog of war? So that you can have the option to buy radar tower & units that have different sight level, some units can see far some only nearby…but with radar tower they can fire their weapon to the fullest range but need turrets to defend the radar tower.

**Balancing units meaning different types of units have different types of strength & weakness vs others. Missile shoots AIR units & good vs certain tanks, Vulcan cannon good vs Tanks not good against certain enemy, slower cannon cannot hit fast moving units, fast moving units have weaker armor and etc.

Overall, the graphics and animation is very good including the sound effects but the game play needs a lot of work to make it a more challenging & interesting game.

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Seller: IndieApps

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: May 31, 2011 Report)
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Price for iPad: $0.99 (As of: May 31, 2011 Report)
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