Medieval HD – OMG Castle Defense FTW!

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Date: May 10, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Brisk Mobile Inc.

Test your metal with Brisk Mobile’s latest castle defense epic – Medieval HD. Out shoot and out last your enemies to claim victory. Defend your castle and your honor!

Innovative controls allow you to choose from a variety of devastating weapons. Upgrade your fortress and recruit troops to protect your land.

Survive wave after wave of enemies, protect your flag and keep your Castle from being reduced to rubble. Manage your gold and plan your strategy for dominance.

Stunning HD graphics and realistic sounds combine to create an immersive experience. Listen to the death cries of your opponents as you conquer their lands.


4 Game Modes: Fast Fire, Easy, Medium, Hard

3 Different Shooting Modes: Auto Fire, Show Arc, Drag Fire. Shooting mode can be set in Options

6 Different troop types including war machines like Catapults and fast moving cavalry Raiders.

8 Unique weapons such as flaming arrows and multi-shots. Each with multiple upgrades available for maximum devastation.

11 stunning HD locations

Numerous enemy types including flying enemies and a BOSS enemy!

OpenFeint integration


  1. The graphics is excellent! Cannot describe how beautiful the HD graphics does to the eyes after 5 hours of gaming! It’s like I’m high or something.
  2. I didn’t discover the 3 different shooting modes until I reached level 70! OMG but the manual says Drag fire gets 20% more gold, Show Arc 10% more and Auto fire gets no bonus gold.
  3. It’s addictive!


  1. Time travel application, great way to kill productivity but also to keep kids quiet for a LONG WHILE!
  2. Eyes get blurred after level 70…see my clock…it’s 3am
  3. You will skip lunch, dinner and breakfast…oh…probably die for real LOL set alarm to stop playing or you will die!
  4. There’s no multiplayer mode to combat with real humans over the internet

The last idea that I hope the developer can make is on the multiplayer mode is where two person can combat until their castle goes down or flag captured, you will be matched automatically for the same “upgrades” you had chosen including the shooting method. Let the castles of both side to be stronger with health arrows longer on reload.

Overall this game is a must have for castle defense fans but may become repetitive if you never upgrade your weapons & try out new strategies.

Category: Games, Castle Defense
Type: Separate App
Seller: Brisk Mobile Inc.

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: May 10, 2011 Report)
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Price for iPad: $2.99 (As of: May 10, 2011 Report)
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