MetalStorm: Online™ – Multiplayer dogfights!

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Date: May 19, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Z2Live, Inc

Experience the best looking, most action packed multiplayer jet fighting game for iOS – MetalStorm: Online!

• Real time multiplayer – compete against other players online on 3G and Wi-Fi
• Multiplayer, Leaderboards and Achievements powered by Game Center
• Next-gen 3D graphics with Retina Display support
• Dozens of unique aircraft to choose from
• Customize your aircraft with missiles and machine guns
• Survival Mode: obliterate waves of enemies with a friend in Co-Op multiplayer or singleplayer
• Perform advanced maneuvers by swiping in different directions
• Earn XP and level up to unlock more powerful items
• Talk with other players via the optional in-game Voice Chat system
• Full 360-degree flight in 3D space
• Gyroscope enables extra precise controls for iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th generation devices


  1. You can calibrate the neutral position when you are flying, press pause & then calibrate button.
  2. In multiplayer mode you can activate “VOICE Chat” by clicking pause then toggle “voice chat” to ON
  3. Every battle you can earn money and coins but it will take a long time before you can upgrade but it’s worth it, otherwise you can buy coins using real cash
  4. You can do evasive move by swiping the screen horizontally but not all missiles can be avoided, I think when the enemy uses some special missile…it’s hard to avoid
  5. You can turn faster if you slow down, but you will also become a tasty target for enemy behind you
  6. If you crash into mountain…it will kill you


  1. Multiplayer only can play 2 real person at the same time? Hehehe I wonder if the developer can consider WIFI only more than 2 person multiplayer and if in 3G then max 2 human
  2. Any way to add a campaign other than survival mode? not sure if it can be done but a little voice acting by Tom Cruise will be excellent!
  3. In multiplayer “spectator” mode (after dying), I wish there’s multiple camera angles available …a chase camera for your allies will be nice, a overall top down view is nice too

Overall, this game have fantastic graphics & game play that if becomes a paid app without in-app purchase will be at least $7.99 value however the developer decided to make it free with in-app purchase which is FANTASTIC as this way you get 100% guarantee to have players waiting to play multiplayer with other players.

Category: Games, Flying
Type: Universal App
Seller: Z2Live, Inc

Price for iPhone: Free $ Upgrades (As of: May 19, 2011 Report)
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Price for iPad: Free $ Upgrades (As of: May 19, 2011 Report)
Click here to link to Apple AppStore

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