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Date: December 23, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: One Haze

Are you ready to seriously slice some creepy crawlers? They may be cute on screen… but no one likes a bug.

So come on in and slice and dice these amazing 3D insects.

Swipe your finger across the screen to slash and double splatter creepy bugs like a true ninja warrior. Be careful of bug zappers …. They ruin your bug rampage!

Bug ninja has 4 game modes – the ones everyone wants, along with online multiplayer for iPad and Open feint enabled scores, high achievements, leader boards and many special features…

Tons of weapons and backgrounds to pick from with amazing graphics and very well thought out themes.

Ninja Bugs is the cleanest yet explosive way to smash a bug you will ever get a chance to do!

****4 Modes of Game Play****

–Classic Mode (Bug Blast) – 4 lives, No time limit, Try to get the highest score you can! Don’t drop the bugs and dont hit the zappers or your screen will be electrified.

–Arcade Mode (Bug Attack) – 90 seconds to get the highest score, don’t hit the zappers or your time is up!

–Sting Mode (Bee Swarm) – 90 seconds to fight the swarm of bees coming at you horizontally, try if you dare to get a combo sideways without hitting a zapper!

–No Zappers – You can relax and be at ease with this mode, no zappers, no game over, no lost points… just straight bugs coming at you. Take your 90 seconds to get the most combos and highest score.


– Use your finger to swipe it across the screen and slice and dice for a spray of juices and insides of the bugs

– Multi slice the bugs, one way and then the other for double the points.

– 10 vivid backgrounds to choose from and unlock

– 6 weapons to slice those bugs with, they can choose from them and unlock them. The range from nun chucks to fly swatter… each one has its own bright colored slice swoosh and its own sound.

– 9 different creepy crawlers that join you on screen and you can slice and dice them.
-Awesome 3D graphics… crystal clear and very bright and colorful


– Get your score sky high with special bug finds and combos of 3x, 4x and 5x

– Many secrets and special bonus points and modes

– Integrated with Open Feint and have leader boards for high scores and
competitions, as well as many achievements to unlock in the game through open feint

-Integrated with facebook and twitter to share high scores


  1. Looks & feel too similar to fruit ninjas that may irks some players but most won’t care & just slice away!
  2. The Zapper sound effects maybe too subtle to be shocking haha, I hope to have a big ZAaappppp! sound!
  3. Slicing bugs seems a little too cruel haha but some kids may love it some may not….depends

Overall, the game does feels snappy & bug free (pun intended) however it does feel repetitive after playing a long time and it will take effort to go back to play it again without some kind of innovative “social elements”.

This game will excel if you are playing with a friend right beside you to see who can get the most scores, it’s cheap and quick so go get it.

Category: Games
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: One Haze

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: December 23, 2011 Report)
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