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Date: May 17, 2014 Review by: iPhomemaniac

Seller: Musicalabs SA

MusicaLabs S.A. is excited to announce the recent update of Musica Tap for the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices running on iOS 6.0 or later. Musica Tap is a brand new music game that bring iOS shoppers to the new level of interactivity with their music collection. The game represents a series of notes and rhythms that sync to any soundtrack, whether it’s your favorite song or one of the in game soundtracks. Musica Tap is available for download on the App Store for Free in the Games category.

The rules of the game is quite simple so even a novice users can master the game, when a song is played, numerous notes will scroll up the screen. As the note hits the stave, users have to tap on the screen. To get a high score players need to have good timing and tap the screen at the right moment.  Game offers quite clear game tutorial to show you how to do it. Simply it takes several minutes to understand how to play it.  Players can choose songs from any song on their phone or iPod and use it in the game.  The game loads the song, analyzes it, and places all of the notes types in certain places for users to play with.  It’s this ability that makes this game unique each time you play it. One of the biggest advantage of the game is the fact that each time you select a new song the game is completely different.

Along side with game tutorial game features 3 difficulty settings: easy, medium, and hard modes so each users can select the best mode to enjoy the game. Taking personality features to the next level Musica Tap gives you a song to play with but the neat thing about the app is that you can use your own music from your library. Being a well done single player experience, Musica Tap lets gamers take on other aspiring music contest via an intense, fast-paced heads-up music battles! A perfect introduction into the music world and mentally engaging exploration, Musica Tap is set to become one of the premier gamer’s applications available within the mobile arena. 

Category: Games
Type: Universal App
Seller: Musicalabs SA

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: May 17, 2014 Report)
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Price for iPad: Free (As of: May 17, 2014 Report)
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