Rocket Monkey

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Date: October 22, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay

Blastoff into space with this hopelessly addictive title from people operating technology. Rocket Monkey offers fast, adrenaline paced fun by allowing you to control an “all business” monkey as he flies through space.

This isn’t so easy…The pull of gravity from below is strong and the asteroids won’t stop coming your way! Help Rocket Monkey escape and navigate through unchartered deep space. Only you can protect him from what lays ahead.


  • Very Simple to grasp the game play controls
  • Highly competitive via online top score submission via Feint
  • Able to spend lot’s of time on it without knowing it


  • Highly repetitive in the game play makes it very hard to continue playing after a “accidental” distraction when you had traveled a fair amount of distance.
  • Need a very quiet place where nobody will miss you for a long time.


  • Add separate levels that have a goal to achieve such as a “destination” so that players can anticipate the distance left to reach the goal.
  • Add multi-touch activated firing of laser or bomb to destroy the oncoming asteriod

By people operating technology

Category: Games
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only

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