Slingshot Braves

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Date: June 4, 2014 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: COLOPL, Inc.

In this episode of Let’s Play “Slingshot Braves” I showed the gameplay of the game “Slingshot Braves” and review slightly with some tips & tricks commentary.

The game lacks great storyline but make up for it with excellent battle system of slingshot the hero into the enemy like playing pool.

It does feels a little like Japan RPG style 3D graphics with unique battle system that pulls me in for a while until I encounter it’s problematic co-op multiplayer system.

The multiplayer needs the other player to be online to play in real time otherwise it will take a long time to find a player to play with you.

You can invite your friends via twitter, whatsapp or email which sometimes may not be free to battle with you.

Each co-op battle will take about 3 level to complete hence a good 10 to 15 minutes are required.

Every quest takes stamina to attack and stamina will regenerate over time but you can use gems to recover it to play more.

You can invite your friends with customisable invitation code and the more people you follow the higher the stamina you will have.

There are large number of quest to play through and you can replay any quest to grind for items to upgrade your weapons & armour.

If you are interested in levelling & grinding without a good storyline or plot, this game will be great for you but if you afraid of repetitive battle then this game may lose it’s shine over time.

My recommendation for the developer is to add better multiplayer system to take similar to “brave frontier” that allow you to temporary use your friend’s hero for a quest instead of attacking at the same time.

Like brave frontier, I don’t quite like the using of gems to play lottery to get better armour & weapons by chance.

It’s not really worth paying large amount of real cash just to “gamble” for a good weapon or armour.

If you are interested in this game

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Category: Games, Strategic RPG
Seller: COLOPL, Inc.

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: June 4, 2014 Report)
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Price for iPad: Free (As of: June 4, 2014 Report)
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