SNES-HD & TVOut 2 Combo

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Date: June 1, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Disclaimer: The video above shows jailbreaking in action and we strongly OPPOSE this and DO NOT support the cracking of App Store applications

SNES-HD is a Full screen High Definition Super Nintendo Emulator for the iPad and it’s sick! I mean it’s the best there is on the Emulator since the iPhone version SNES4iPhone which is great but got blocked with the buttons.

This mod even have iPhone as an wireless control, some more the iPhone volume buttons are being mapped to the L & R buttons for kicks!

The save state features is cool and for those people who cannot save in their emulators, try changing the file permission to 777 to enable read, write & execute with “Recurse into all directories” using Filezilla to SSH into iPad.

If you combine this to TVOut2 and connect to the TV via the VGA cable, you can play it over the BIG SCREEN!

It’s a dream comes true people, suddenly you have unlimited Super Nintendo games at your disposal 😀


Category: JailBroken, Cydia Apps

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