Star Command – By Star Command, LLC

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Date: May 11, 2013 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Star Command, LLC

Build and command your own starship!

Star Command let’s you build your own ship, hire your crew, explore the universe and battle alien civilizations across the galaxy.

Brought to you in beautiful HD pixelated glory, Star Command brings to life the challenges and joys of managing a starship. Upgrade your ship, get out into the unknown and watch your crew die grizzly deaths all at your command.


  1. Universal App – iPad and iPhone included
  2. HD support for retina pixel goodness
  3. Level your crew members up and earn new skills
  4. Four distinct ship hulls to choose from
  5. Focus on tactical, science or engineering
  6. Amazing soundtrack intensifies the action and exploration
  7. Over 10 alien species to discover
  8. Premium game – no in app purchase roadblocks


  1. Some part of the game feels like it’s still in beta like the navigation of your crew members is sometimes hard to select them when they are in the small room, you cannot “select all” crew members at the same time and etc.
  2. The game can be cheated easily by visiting previous planets/navigation points that you had visited previously and re-complete the mission, I had maxed out all the science and tactical skills of all my members in the “Zombie Russian” mission in MARS.
  3. The tutorials did not go deeper in explaining the “AMMO Token” have to be manually activated to charge and mechanic on how the Weapon mini game works exactly, making it frustrating in the beginning

Overall, this game is great for people who love space simulation strategy games but can be further improved in future versions like bigger galaxy, bigger battle, launching drones, attack specific parts of enemy space ship for strategic advantage and more.

However, this game hits the mark for the fun factor and engaging story lines that can be different for each “decision” you had chosen in the game.

Star Command – Star Command, LLC

Category: Games, RTS
Type: Universal App
Seller: Star Command, LLC

Price for iPhone: $2.99 (As of: May 11, 2013 Report)
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Price for iPad: $2.99 (As of: May 11, 2013 Report)
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