Twilight Golf

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Date: October 21, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Andrew Korth © 2009 Howling Moon

What is Twilight Golf?


Long ago, legends were told of a day when the skies would darken in unending twilight. In preparation, the Twilight Temple was constructed deep underground to keep safe the golden orbs that had the power to call back the sun. The legend and temple have been long forgotten… until today when the sun forgot to rise!


Adventure deep into the lost Twilight Temple unlocking its mysteries and bringing light back to the world! Experience Howling Moon Software’s unique SHADE shadowing engine, the first real time dynamic shadowing system seen on the iPhone combined with smooth physics.


Each puzzle has you trying to reach the goal using the fewest strokes. Blocking your progress are a number of obstacles such as teeter totters, gears, ratchets, drawbridges, swinging chains, gravity orbs, sticky orbs, levers, flip flops, elevators, and much more! Beyond the great gameplay are top notch graphics and the physics based sound system. Twilight Golf is an iPhone adventure like no other.



  • Takes full advantage of the powerful Chipmunk Physics engine
  • Uses our new SHADE shadow engine for amazing lighting effects
  • 30 unique puzzles, with intricate handcrafted levels
  • Captivating ambiance, haunting music, physics based sounds, and stunning visuals
  • Pro

    • The paid version have 30 levels whereas the Free version (lite) only have 7 levels
    • Nice physics & graphics
    • The challenges are based on timing, luck, practice, brain & lot’s of patient which is sometimes give some unexpected results.


    • This game scoring system is still lacking the competitiveness of online leader board submission
    • There are achievement bonus other then the color of the medals awarded.
    • Completion of all 30 levels may not give you 100% satisfaction


    • Provide precise score to be uploaded to the website for competition
    • Weekly contest for some free gift or cash for the best scores (if any)

    By Howling Moon Software


    Twilight Golf - Howling Moon Software

    Category: Games
    Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
    Seller: Andrew Korth © 2009 Howling Moon

    Price for iPhone: $1.99 (As of: October 21, 2009 Report)
    Click here to link to Apple AppStore

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