War Grimoire HD – Tower Defense

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Date: June 26, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Nanjing Imohoo Information Technology Co.

Welcome to the world of magic, mystery and unlimited adventure.

Waves of monsters are marching into your territory and it’s time to stop them.

Your sword alone is not strong enough to get rid of the invaders. Hire units with unique abilities to repel the enemy waves by dragging them into battle field and use 60 kinds of weapons at your disposal. You can upgrade your weapons and increase the firepower with the money and treasury chests left by the monsters. Prepare for an epic fight with special BOSS that has an ability to recover HP of monsters and even destroy your soldiers!

-Beautifully animated cartoon intro and step by step in-game guide
-60 kinds of upgradeable weapons to equip your soldiers
-30 visually stunning environments to explore with different monster combination
-6 relaxing unlockable mini-games: get new weapons by winning a mini game
-High definition 3D graphics and spectacular rendering effects
-Online worldwide leader boards with OpenFeint and Game Center
-Original music soundtracks and high quality sound effects

Plan your defense wisely, destroy the monsters’ horde and win the war!


  1. This game is an improved version of the popular “fieldrunner” tower defense game with obstacles structures to be integrated into your strategy
  2. The overall graphics & opening video sequence are very nicely done with a sense of “polished” feel
  3. Able to replay past levels to increase “EP” to upgrade your units & weapons.


  1. The navigation is a little user unfriendly but still able to navigate with a little trial & error
  2. The game description should have mention the game type as “tower defense” or “TD” so that it won’t mislead people to think it’s some kind of RPG
  3. Replaying past levels to get “EP” to upgrade so to win future levels tend to be repetitive & feels like “grinding” in RPG

Overall, this game is entertaining and if you uses the structures in the game to lengthen the enemy path correctly…it can be pretty easy however due to the fact your weapons & unit upgrades tree are only available when you upgrade out of the game with “EP” makes it slightly harder to kill higher bosses levels.

Knowing that your only solution are either go play those mini games to unlock new weapons or go grind past levels that you already know the trick to winning.

I actually fallen asleep to one of the past levels once I finished my ultimate maze path, it’s tiring to hold the iPad for long period of time if all you do is watching enemies getting slaughtered LOL.

I hope the developer can lower down the price even thou the price now is at 50% discount as there are too many other similar tower defense game around but cheaper on the wallet.

Category: Games, Tower Defence
Type: Separate App
Seller: Nanjing Imohoo Information Technology Co.

Price for iPhone: $1.99 (As of: June 26, 2011 Report)
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Price for iPad: $2.99 (As of: June 26, 2011 Report)
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