Warrior Nation-Blade

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Date: September 23, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Park Sun-woo © sunWGame

Warrior Nation-Blade - Park Sun-woo

Warrior Nation-Blade is a side scrolling hack & slash RPG Action game which is very challenging yet free game.

There are many special abilities to upgrade using money earned during each mission, each special ability can be used in sequence however they will need to be fully recharged before they can be used.

The strange thing about this game is that you can always continue this game after you had died and get whatever money accumulated previous failed mission.

This way, you can upgrade your character’s abilities every time you died & able to have a better chance completing the next mission.

However, you need to practice & practice the timing of using your abilities in sequence & proper timing to do the simple routine of block, attack, turn & repeat.


  1. Death doesn’t means end of the game, continue with money left in the previous mission
  2. Relatively short game in each mission, sufficient for a quickie mission
  3. Interesting use of special abilities that are different during moving or stationary
  4. Enemies do get more difficult gradually after each mission
  5. Challenging!! Very difficult for newbies but if you practice should be fine!
  6. It’s free 😀


  1. There are no HD version for the iPad, if using the app on an iPad with x2 resolution the special ability on the top middle position are not easily accessible making it difficult to use without getting damage badly first.
  2. The mission environment seems to be the same throughout the whole game, no variety.
  3. There’s no story plot after the game started hence not a full fledge RPG game, add in a plot & a map…this game can be awesome.
  4. There’s no social networking elements but since the game can be continued even after you died, it’s not really an achievement but more like a hack & slash & die & upgrade abilities game which I believe people only enjoy the action achievement instead of how many levels they completed.

Overall, this game is pretty interesting to me & often gave me some entertainment for a few minutes per mission when waiting for a friend or in a boring train ride.  Get it while it’s still free! 😀

Warrior Nation-Blade - Park Sun-woo

Category: Games
Seller: Park Sun-woo © sunWGame

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: September 23, 2010 Report)
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