Wordistic (Version 1.1) Word matching games on the iPhone & iPad!

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Date: July 10, 2012 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: mushdevstudio

Wordistic is an action packed word making/learning game.
where you race against the clock to try to qualify for the next ever quickening level.


  1. Featuring an original sound track by ATLAS
  2. Real time word prediction, word suggestions and online word definitions make learning new words easier than ever.
  3. Fast pace & very challenging
  4. Universal application that can be used on iPhone, iPod touch & iPad in full resolution display without buying a separate app


  1. The graphics for the app icon need a little polishing to be less jagged, the user interface graphics need improving.
  2. The alphabets are a little hard to catch, maybe I’m not as good hmm
  3. The bottom right button is always in the way, maybe make the bottom bar not part of the “game area” so that to prevent accidental touching the menu button
  4. The music by ATLAS are pretty nice however sometimes I like to play my own music playlist instead
  5. Hopefully there will be a free version with advertisement so that kids can get this game for free
  6. When the internet connection is off, there’s no warning that there won’t be searching for words definition

Overall, this game is a little borderline on the design side but because it’s educational I decided to review it. Hopefully the developer can get a professional graphics designer in the next update so that this game can further improve on the user interface & graphics for the pleasure of those who bought the game. 😀

Category: Games, Arcade
Type: Universal App
Seller: mushdevstudio

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: July 10, 2012 Report)
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Price for iPad: $0.99 (As of: July 10, 2012 Report)
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