Zenonia – Souped Up Classic Zelda SNES Clone!!

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Date: June 2, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: GAMEVIL USA, Inc.

Zenonia send me back to the past when Zelda dominates the Nintendo 16 bit Classic RPG where you swings a sword around killing cute monsters & leveling up!

The difference is this is one of the most detailed classic action RPG game EVER SEEN ON iPHONE!! It has all kinds of features that only iPhone or iPod Touch can give the 100% satisfaction!

Features I had discovered!

  1. Vibration On/Off options vibrate during special events like taking damages or cut scenes
  2. Health & Energy bar
  3. Quest recorded & comes with handy map of destination to do your quest
  4. 3 Classes type to begin your game
  5. Destructible wooden crates & pushable obstacles
  6. Great vibrant colors
  7. Engaging story
  8. Short cut keys to skill spells, items such as potions & food
  9. Simple real time combat (maple story style)
  10. Combine items? (not yet try)
  11. Weather system (Rain, Night, Day)


Highly Recommended by ME!
GAMEVIL Inc Website

Category: Games, RPG
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: GAMEVIL USA, Inc.

Price for iPhone: $2.99 (As of: June 2, 2009 Report)
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