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Date: August 1, 2010 Review by: sandramoor


All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter - ARAWELLA CORPORATION
Feels like you never gonna find a perfect fitness app for iPhone? Don’t give way to despair, here it comes! All-in Fitness by Viaden Mobile has all the features you’ve come to want in a good app.

The summer season is at its height, and if you are sick of those extra pounds that make you feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit or dream about having sexy six-packs, this is your app. Days-long testing showed it’s a great success. It combines everything you need for ideal fitness, efficient weight loss and nutrition monitoring.

Check out some of the cool features:

  • 200 exercises for men and women with video and audio instructions grouped according to body parts and equipment;
  • 4 modes of workout program selection – Personal Trainer, Expert Mode, Quick Recipes and Fast Mode – all programs created by a professional coach + professional trainer support;
  • Body Tracker to monitor your body parameters and body mass index (BMI).
  • Calorie Counter for tracking your calories and activities;
  • Music player for enjoying your favorite tunes and a motivation boost;
  • Integrated pedometer to make your fitness routine more efficient.

Variety of modes and exercises. Even the most demanding users will be pleased to find a variety of modes and exercises to choose from. Both newbies and pros can be sure that All-in Fitness for iPhone will be a great help for them. It has workouts for all fitness purposes – weight loss, muscle build-up, or just keeping fit. A special algorithm will carefully choose a program of physical exercises depending on your parameters and objectives. Besides, you can edit the exercises and adjust your workload. If you still fail to find a program that could suit you, turn to the support service, and professional coaches will help you out with the best possible solution free of charge.

Individual approach. Exercises are provided with video and audio instructions and pics of muscles. All programs were created by professional trainers and are as individual-oriented as never before. Like a personal trainer, the All-in Fitness will select a training program according to your needs and abilities. This smart app will make you feel it was created personally for you.

Body Tracker. All-in Fitness for iPhone is clean, professional looking and easy to navigate. It boasts several features that make it better than most other fitness apps. First of all, it is Body Tracker that makes it stand out of the crowd of similar apps. With this tool you can graph your workout results to boost your motivation and measure your body mass index. Or you can add your own images for even greater encouragement. By submitting your actual parameters you can monitor your progress and analyze the efficiency of your fitness routine.

Calorie Counter. With the calorie counter you can track your consumed and burnt calories by adding the food you have eaten and activities you have performed. And what is very comfortable is that the app has a vast database of foods including supermarket or restaurant brands, or you can submit your own dishes.

Pedometer + Music Player. An integrated pedometer and a music player are two more handy tools which definitely make your fitness routine much more enjoyable. And good news for busy bees: the app will resume automatically after you receive a phone call or a message.

Supported languages:                                    English

Category: Health & Fitness
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: August 1, 2010 Report)
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