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Date: August 23, 2010 Review by: Mousee


It is time to take a rest from long working hours, busy streets, noisy neighbors and worldly vanity. Find inner peace and serenity, attain a healthy mind and a healthy body with All-in Yoga for iPhone by Viaden Mobile.

This is an easy-to-use app with the top features designed for proper relaxation, stress relief, meditation, breathing and exercising. Developed by expert teachers, All-in Yoga will help you create a balance between the body and mind. It will enrich you physically, mentally and spiritually.

And it will guide you on your way to a healthy and active lifestyle with a harmonious vision of life.
Discover the holistic health benefits that have been practiced in the east for centuries with All-in Yoga for iPhone!

Now you can do this without parting with your hard earned money for classes.

This one-of-a-kind yoga app for iPhone has to offer a little bit of something for everyone. Both tyros and pros can be sure: they will find what they are looking for in programs that cover all the aspects of the yoga lifestyle.

A special algorithm will choose the best individual program for you based on your goals, experience level and time limits. If you’d rather prefer to create your own program, no problem! Make up and customize your personal ideal yoga workout quickly and easily!

Develop a fit and beautiful body with the help of a large asana database. It includes not only the most popular positions, but also those recommended by professional yoga practitioners.

Asanas are conveniently arranged according to their level and type or alphabetically.

Detailed instructions, photo, video and male voice guidance will make your yoga routine even more efficient. And that’s not all! Only All-in Yoga for iPhone has an exclusive feature: 3D muscle models for the main positions!

Make each day of your life complete and peaceful by achieving relaxation and revitalizing your nervous system with special yoga tunes. Good relaxation will help you release muscular tension and tranquilize the body and mind.

Cannot live without your favorite music? The app saw to that too — now you can choose your own tracks from the iPod player.

Do not worry if you have to answer a call or SMS during your workout – this clever app will resume at the interrupted asana.

And you know what? We also made sure that you will get inspired for new achievements every other day — the calendar will not only help you keep record of your past trainings but also provide you with an encouraging quote from famous yogis.

Has anyone ever asked oneself how many things one app could give you?

A lot, if you are speaking about All-in Yoga for iPhone! With this app you’ll reduce stress and refresh your mind, experience serenity, boost your energy and vitality and increase your powers of concentration and discipline. Not enough for you?

All-in Yoga on App Store
All-in Yoga
• Extensive database: 200 asanas with detailed instructions, photo, video and voice guidance.
• 3 modes of program selection: all programs designed by skilled yogis.
• Individual workout option: create your own program and customize it according to your needs.
• Original yoga tunes to listen to while you are doing yoga.
• Calendar: quick overview of the performed activities + encouraging quotes from famous yoga practitioners.
• Extra feature: 3D muscle models: the main positions accompanied by three-dimensional images.

Great Features:
Rich content

All-in Yoga has a large database of some 200 asanas with text, visual and voice instructions arranged according to type and level or alphabetically. The asanas feature both basic and advanced ones recommended for experienced yogis. The timer countdowns how long the user should hold the position.
Three yoga program selection modes

Sun Salutation, Bala Yoga and Shakti Yoga — asana sequences designed by professional yogis allow you to find what suits you best. Want to keep it more individual? Then get a workout compiled according to your parameters and goals, or create custom workouts.
Four-stage system of program selection

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Guru: a graduated 4-stage system will ensure absolute precision in program selection. Everyone will find something for their stage of yoga understanding to suit their goals and abilities.

User-friendly layout
Easy-to-use interface will allow you to quickly sort out in the app. A special algorithm will help you choose the best possible program for you based on your goals, experience level and time limits. To make your yoga routine easier, all asanas are provided with translations from Sanskrit.
Original yoga tunes

Get tuned into your practice with the help of original yoga tunes. They will bring you relaxation and inspirational mood and add to the feeling of balance and peace from within.Authentic quotes from yoga gurus will give you even more encouragement.

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Price for iPhone: $1.99 (As of: August 23, 2010 Report)
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Price for iPad: $2.99 (As of: August 23, 2010 Report)
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