iPhone OS 4.0 Dev Released Today!

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Date: April 9, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Currently the iPhone OS 4.0 (Beta) is out only for developers to download & test with a brand new iPhone 4.0 SDK (Beta) for modifying their applications to be fully compatible with the new OS.

The developers have a dateline up to Summer to convert their applications so that their apps can enjoy the features provided by this new operating system upgrade! 😀

Supported devices : iPhone 3Gs & 3rd Gen iPodTouch (Available to End Users by Summer)
Limited Support: iPhone 3G (no multitasking)
Not supported: 2nd Gen iPodTouch and below
iPad will not be supported until coming FALL.

Here I will list the most important & exciting features that concern end users will expect to see but now under developer testing.

iPhone OS 4.0 Feature List

  • Over 1500 new APIs for developers to use!!
  • Bluetooth keyboards
  • Custom Home screen wallpaper, Lock screen wallpaper
  • 5x digital zoom
  • Tap to focus video
  • Create playlists
  • Multitasking – double click home button raise all apps that are running like a dock
  • VOIP apps like skypes can now run at the background
  • Your location can be tracked at the background so that your GPS app won’t lose tracking if calls comes in
  • Local Push notification can enable apps to push notification without server access
  • Task Completion – uploading or downloading can be run at the background and complete later even switched to another app
  • Folders – Able to organize your apps into multiple folders by dragging one app on top of another and instantly makes a folder!
  • With Folders, you can now have OVER 2000 apps installed instead of 180
  • Email organize by thread
  • Open file from email attachment
  • unified inbox – all your emails account consolidated into a single inbox view
  • iBooks on your iPhone!!!!
  • SSL VPN support
  • Apple’s own social gaming network to matchmaking players to play with each other, get achievements, invite friends, leaderboards
  • Brand new Apple’s Advertising platform, iAds – interactive ads that runs within a free app live just like another app but it’s a advertisement coded in HTML5

Personally, I feel that Apple had taken lot’s of cool stuff from the Jailbreaking community right into the OS which is EXCELLENT and I got a feeling many of the third party apps developer might be either got hired or feeling a bit of heat right now. Overall, it’s for the best of the iPhone users who prayed & wish for a better iPhone OS and they got it however there are no mention about the cost of upgrades but most likely very minimal or free so that all iPhone users will upgrade.

This is one of the better upgrades ever for the iPhone iPod Touch Platform, rejoice Apple Fans & Investors!

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