LoopMash for iPhone and iPad review

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Date: March 16, 2011 Review by: Victoria

Seller: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

LoopMash is mobile instrument app that combines a simple yet awe inspiring 3D user interface with vibrant graphics and intuitive music mixing controls to give users a mixing utility that is as responsive as it is addicting and engaging to play with.

This app isn’t simply a music manipulation tool. If it was there would probably not even be a review posted on it as it seems that these days such apps come a dime a dozen.

No no no, this is an addicting genre-bender of a mobile experience that to will have users creating their own music at home, on the way to work, out on the weekend, and at every step in between. Its innovative approach to mixing allows users to simultaneously merge up to four two-bar loops by matching and replacing the comparable elements in each individual song.

Now, admittedly this sounds like something that the casual user might feel lost doing, but in practice LoopMash’s mixing controls ensure that the music creation process is both intuitive and seamless.

Obviously if you hate anything involving music, don’t have any interest in creating beats, or are just a wet blanket of a mobile user in general this app is most likely not for you.

For everyone else, everyone that loves fun and isn’t scared of getting their hands dirty with some musical mischief LoopMash is a saving grace that finally lets music lovers turn their mobile devices into the beat generating stations they always had the potential to be.

It’s a bit pricey in terms of average app prices, but if you download it there’s a chance that you might just become the life of the next party you attend…as long as people dig the new music you’ve created with this wonder of a mobile utility.

Category: Music
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Price for iPhone: $3.99 (As of: March 16, 2011 Report)
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