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Date: July 21, 2011 Review by: WrightsCS

Seller: WrightsCS

An alternative to SBSettings
PowerCenter Pro is an iOS5 Notification Center widget that allows the user to quickly access core functionality of the iPhone and iPod touch. Conveniently toggle Wifi, Bluetooth, Location and other Comm settings from the comfort of the Notification Center.

Easily set your Volume and Brightness without launching Settings. Effortlessly respring reboot or enter safemode with the touch of a button.

Theme-ability and convenience
Into themes and changing the appearance of your device? PowerCenter Pro features a built in, independent theme system; no need for 3rd party packages like Winterboard! Activate your desired theme from the PowerCenter Pro Theme Browser, available in the PowerCenter Pro external settings app.

Getting bored of that theme after a few days? Check out the built-in Featured Themes section in the Theme Browser! The best of the best themes are now available for browsing, including a description and price without Cydia! Want a Featured Theme? You can tap on any theme to launch Cydia and pruchase / download that theme!

More on Settings
Got a specific set of toggles you use on a regular basis? PowerCenter Pro allows you to “Remember Last Active Page” so each time you activate the Notification Center, your toggles are front and center!

Power Center Pro also offers a “safe-gaurd” option. Instead of simply “toggling”, you can optionally enable a popup alert asking you to toggle the service.

PowerCenter Pro also offers a setting to allow you to disable the Widget from showing in Notification Center.

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Category: Utilities, Cydia Apps
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: WrightsCS

Price for iPhone: $2.99 (As of: July 21, 2011 Report)
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