Bluetooth keyboard to your jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch!

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Date: January 6, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Disclaimer: The video above shows jailbreaking in action and we strongly OPPOSE this and DO NOT support the cracking of App Store applications.

Now it’s out in the cydia store pricing at US$5 to show off to your friends that you can finally use your iPhone 3G/3Gs and 2nd Generation iPod Touch or later as a portable computer!!

This is one of the most wonderful application that arrived in the world of iPhone geeks & jailbroken community, I do hope it will becomes a legalize app in the appstore one day.

In the mean time I don’t mind paying US$5 for a functional application with (hopefully more functionality coming in the future).

BTstack Keyboard only works on jailbroken iPhone 3G(S) and all iPod touch devices with Bluetooth support. It does not work on the iPhone 2G yet, but is not impossible to make it run on this device as well. It is available via the Cydia Store.

According to the developer site,currently It works with all Bluetooth HID keyboards. So far, we have positive feedback for:

  1. Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
  2. Dell Axim Executive Keyboard
  3. Freedom mini keyboard
  4. Freedom Universal2 (make sure you are in HID mode)
  5. Frogpad
  6. KeySonic 340BT
  7. Logitech diNovo Edge
  8. Logitech diNovo Media Desktop
  9. Logitech MX5000
  10. Matias Folding Bluetooth Keyboard
  11. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000
  12. Nokia SU-8W
  13. Palm Wireless keyboard 3245WW
  14. Think Outside Stowaway Universal

Do check out the developer site for future updates on more compatible bluetooth keyboards.

What’s working

  1. All alphabetical keys (A to Z)
  2. All shift-enable symbols (e.g. #$%^&* etc.)
  3. Shift keys
  4. Enter
  5. Numeric keys (1234..)
  6. Arrow keys
  7. Backspace
  8. Esc (exit out of text editing page)

What’s lacking at the moment

  1. Tab
  2. Caplock
  3. Copy & Paste
  4. Function keys (F1 to F12)
  5. Delete Keys
  6. Arrow keys to move websites scroll bars


  1. Able to use your iPhone 3G/3Gs and 2nd gen iPod Touch as a portable computer
  2. No more Net Books!!
  3. Able to combine extra battery solutions for your iPhone & keyboard to complete a dream of mobile warriors
  4. First few hundreds in the world to use bluetooth keyboard to type on your iPhone be very proud


  1. Still lot’s of functionality can be added so hopefully the developer can add in soon!
  2. If you did not load cydia fully you get to pay fake $0.99 instead & get an error but works after paying another $5
  3. Costly bluetooth keyboard
  4. Only able to use it sitting down for now until someone thinks of a way to type standing up LOL
  5. Currently only available in the jailbroken iPhones 3G/3Gs and iPodTouch leaving most people unable to get this cool app immediately

Also featured in TUAW

Update: This jailbreak is outdated when Apple updated the bluetooth keyboard compatibility with the iPad 😀

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