Kirikae & Backgrounder (iPhone Multitasking! Cydia App)

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Date: January 28, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Disclaimer: The video above shows jailbreaking in action and we strongly OPPOSE this and DO NOT support the cracking of App Store applications

Do you want to run multiple applications on your iPhone? Envy other smart phones that can switch between applications seamlessly?

Now you CAN!!

However, these are two free application for the jailbroken iPhones or iPod touch hence do proceed with your own risk.

(Warning: Remember to change your OpenSSH password if you ever have OpenSSH installed.)

  1. Download Kirikae & Backgrounder from cydia store
  2. Set both controls to “Press Home and hold” to activate or toggle
  3. Set your favorite applications in Kirikae so that you can select them quickly
  4. Press & Hold your Home Button To activate the Kirikae App Switcher
  5. Go to your favorite tab and run your app to your hearts content
  6. Repeat for your other apps.

The backgrounder toggle enable or disable the application from running in the background hence a bit tricky when trying to access Kirikae as it will toggle disabling of the backgrounder for that particular application. However, you can re-able the backgrounder easily and quickly as shown in the video.


  1. Able to switch between your favorite applications quickly and efficiently without too much delay. (My usual apps are camera, photogene, tweetie 2, iPod, MobileRss)
  2. Reduce the loading time for opening applications that are already running at the background by at least 3 seconds, for example the camera app and further time saved without the need to search for your favorite applications in your springboard.
  3. Good for time sensitive actions such as reporting events/news/blogs that requires fast application switching such as Qik/Ustream video streaming will open much faster if it’s already running in the background.
  4. Excellent for iPhone 3Gs
  5. It’s completely FREE from cydia!


  1. For older generation iPhone  may not have sufficient memory and can potentially crash the applications all at once suddenly if you load too many applications in the background.
  2. The battery may drain much faster for internet radio or anything that uses the internet or GPS constantly, it will heat up the iPhone or iPodtouch to a hand boiling or pocket warming heat.
  3. Favorite apps not arrangeable
  4. Only Jailbroken iPhone can use these free application.

Overall, I totally recommend this application for anyone with jailbroken iPhone!

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